products for sores

hi everyone, hope you’re doing as well as you can. I am bedridden and incontinent and as a result have pressure pain and cuts break out in the nappy region. at the moment i use an antiseptic cream for the cuts. does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could try. thanks

What about cavilon barrier cream and sudocreme for the sores.

Do you have district nurses and specialist skin nurses coming in?

If not, then I urge you to do so. You can self refer or do it via your GP.

Pressure sores are something that is taking very seriously, as they can cause all sorts of nasty problems.

luv Pollx

I agree cavilling cream but get district nurses out has they can put dressing on for you if they are open soresx


I have always used neat lavender essential oil for any little sore, cut, burn, spot etc so it would be my first try as has been very healing in the past.May be worth a go.