My pressure sores are looking good!

I just wanted to say how pleased I am after my latest visit from my District Nurse to check over my pressure sores!

I cannot quite remember how long ago it was that I couldn’t walk anymore, but it must’ve been around 18 months to 2 years.

(For a long time before I was able to get up and about using my walker, but then I started having lots of falls.)

My husband has a full-time job, so I used to have to sit in my recliner from when he left early in the morning until he came back in the evening, before I could be moved.

So over time, sitting in one place, putting too much pressure on my bottom, caused sores to develop.

District Nurses used different creams and dressings on them to try and get them good enough to manage at home. This went on from November to the end of March and then my Tissue Viability Nurse thought it would be a good idea for me to go into hospital for a fortnight for them to be looked after.

So I went into hospital and was told I actually had grade 3 pressure sores. I was horrified! We’d been taking photos every day so we could see if there was any improvement. This carried on in the hospital and I couldn’t believe the difference after just one day where I was turned every two or three hours and was only sitting at mealtimes.

After two weeks my Tissue Viability Nurse was happy how much the sores had improved and were at the stage where they could be looked after at home, under the care of District Nurses and my husband! Unfortunately, I ended up in hospital for a further 10 days because a Care Agency could not be found who could send 2 Carers into me, three times a day to turn me in the hospital bed that was sent home for me. Thankfully the local District Council saved the day and their In-house team started coming in once I was home!

They were only supposed to provide care for a total of six weeks but still an Agency couldn’t be found. Eventually one was found about 3 weeks ago! All the Carers are lovely and it’s great now all is sorted!

Being turned throughout the day and sleeping on my front has been so good for my pressure sores and now all that’s left is scar tissue! They’re still very painful but the District Nurses say that’s caused by the nerve endings coming back.

I do go downstairs some evenings for tea and some afternoons.
Now the District Nurse wants me to be hoisted out of bed more often!
It’s good to know that all the District Nurses who have been out are so pleased! They were coming out every week day, then every other day and now just once a week! Very encouraging! The sores are obviously still very vulnerable but I’m doing the right thing!
They say I should be very proud of myself for spending so long in bed!!

HI Mel

Great to know what good improvement there is re your pressure sores. Keep doing all the right stuff and I hope you’ve got your agency carers in place now.

Hazel x

Thanks Hazel!

All seems fine with the new Care Agency! I’ll be having some Carers on a regular basis and as some of those are on holiday next week, I’ll be meeting a couple of different ones over the weekend! That’ll be good!

Mel x

Glad you got carers sorted. If you need a different agency in the future, I would recommend finding out if there is a Home Instead Senior Care franchise in your area. They operate throughout the UK and the training they give to care staff is excellent - they will go to whoever needs their help, not just seniors. Here’s the website address:

Hope that’s helpful.



Thanks for that Hazel, I’ll keep that in mind!

Have a good weekend!

Mel x