pressure sore

Has anyone had a pressure sore that’s turned into an ulcer?

Hi Mazo

I’ve had pressure sores, but none that turned into an ulcer. Give your GP practice a call, so a nurse can look at it asap.


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As Dan says; DO NOT MESS AROUND; do it asap. George


As the others have said get it sorted straight away.I have had pressure sores through sitting down most of the day.

My Dr sent the community Nurse around who managed to deal with it before it had chance of getting worse. Nurse got me a Gel cushion and used Caviulon cream to form a barrier. Managed to stand ever couple of hours holding on to something. I have seen some photos of sores that got really bad Horrible to think if it went down that route.


Pressure sores can be life threatening. As everyone has said, take action, get them sorted before you end up in hospital.