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I don’t know about anyone else but since having radiotherapy in my bottom region, the pressure sores have made life a bit uncomfortable. The district nurse decided my sitting position and wheelchair cushion needed a review.

I’m now on a gel cushion which has made a big difference. If you have similar issues, it’s worth contacting the district nurse or MS nurse.

Happy sitting.


I’m pleased that they are getting you a new cushion Steve. It must be so painful sitting on an uncomfortable cushion with pressure sores. I feel as if my wheelchair is part of me , I’m not using it yet at my home but outside its my legs , if anything goes wrong with my chair I have a real panic , it’s as if it is an extension of me. Take care Steve , I hope your new cushion makes a big difference. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hiya Steve,

I have been extremely lucky and because of pressure sores (buttocks and sacral) have been provided with a Gel cushion which I love and am on most of every day on my powerchair in the house. Because it is a few years old now and I bought a new w/chair for outside, I was provided with a Vicair air cushion which is filled with hundreds of pyramid shaped air bags! I’m told it is extremely effective, and I do find it comfortable, although where I see the true value is having the ability to swap between the two types of cushion, 'cos if you sit on any one surface for long enough you’re going to suffer!

That’s what I do anyway!

Elaine (Living in Folkestone, born in Wallasey!)

Hello Elaine.

It’s been a bit of a year but I’m hoping for some effective treatment. I still have issues but things like the cushion make a big difference. I tried one of those air cushions and a special one has been ordered.

Best wishes, Steve

Oh I’m pleased to hear that Steve, I do keep getting told the air ones’s are the ‘gold standard’

I suppose someone has to justify the exorbitant cost of them!


Hi, good to see a new cushion has helped. 2 weeks ago, I got a new back support for my wheelie. Wow! What a difference its made...gone are the excrutiating lower back and bottom cheek pains, I endured for years. Ive also had a new seat cushion ordered. Sitting all day takes a lot of coping with as you know Steve. xxx

Can I ask what cushion please Poll? I’m beginning to suffer the back and bum pain!

Hi Pops, cant see from where Im sitting but when carer comes later, Ill ask her to have a look and let you know. It really has made a big difference to my comfort xxxx

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MIT rx INVACARE…cost about £350…wheelchair services got it for me…free to me. xx

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Hiya both.

My Gel cushion (which I wouldn’t be without) is an Invacare matrix Flotech Solution XTRA if that’s any help!

I remember being told it cost nearly £400. I ‘qualified’ for it because of pressure sores…

Elaine x

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