Wheelchair Service

Has anyone had recent experience of assessment waiting time for Southampton wheelchair service. I’m being referred for special cushion

not S`oton but up here in Halifax, I have.

I had to have an assessment for a new cushion, was on the waiting list for months…got the assessment and then got all excited, only to discover there was another long wait for the actual cushion.

2 years on and it needs replacing. I rang and asked if Id need another assessment and they said no, and would order a new cushion of the same ilk. Therefore the wait wouldnt be too long....im on the 4th week now…


A couple of years ago when I went to Wheelchair Services at Bognor, they just gave me a new chair there and then. Plus my old cushion had started leaking its gel stuff (due to the cat using it to snooze on, his claws you know). So they gave me a new pressure relieving cushion which they happened to have in stock. I think it was just lucky.

No idea about Southampton.


I reckon that`s an unusual event Sue!


It is IMPERATIVE you get a pressure relief cushion immediately. I had no problems until 15 years ago when I went in hospital and a Nurse put my Jay pressure cushion in my wheelchair the wrong way around.

A Jay has a hard front part and silicone back part; so I was sitting on the hard part; result pressure sore.

I’ve had various sores in the same area since; the latest for the last two years keeps me in bed 18 hours a day to keep the pressure off. A District Nurse comes in every morning to dress it; must cost a lot: great life init!

I implore you DO NOT MESS AROUND. Write to the Prime Minister say how useless Southampton NHS is. You want a wheelchair and Roho pressure cushion NOW!

Forget her address; she will not even see it but one of her minions will put it to the right people. Contact your local MP as well; tell them what you have done; cause as much agro as you can; you will soon get one; betcha!

If it was not for my District Nurses; Wheelchair Nurse and MS Nurse (all women) I would be dead; love em lots.


George is absolutely right. I was in hospital a few years ago with a paraplegic woman who’d got such dreadful pressure sores they nearly killed her. It’s of essential importance to prevent pressure sores. And if there’s a long wait you should be creating merry hell until you get one.


Ggood that’s dreadful and totally unacceptable. Many medical staff in hospitals have woefully inadequate training in dealing with disabled peeps. If they can’t get things right, what hope is there for us.I hope your pressure sores will heal soon, bed rest must be soul destroying. When will the N H S learn that prevention is cheaper than treatment/prevents hospital admissions and maintains quality of life for their patients who are supposedly their priority!!!

Thanks folks for your experiences. I’m not feeling confident about getting seen soon. I could afford to see an OT privately I think for the assessment but, given the price of cushions…

Hi Lizbos

​Are you a full time wheelchair user? If you are and you have a need for a special cushion, whether it’s a gel filled pressure relieving cushion, or some other specific need, then you should maybe get the appointment hurried up a bit.

If you’re an occasional wheelie, then it might not be quite so urgent, but you should probably limit the time you’re sat in the chair.

If you do have an urgent need for a replacement cushion, I’d start out by phoning the Wheelchair Services and explaining your needs. If you don’t get anywhere, see your GP and explain the problem, maybe they could write to Wheelchair Services on your behalf. In my area we have a multi disciplinary team which includes OTs, I’d be on the phone to them as well; they might just have a relationship with Wheelchair Services which can help.


Thank you Ssssue. My physio and Neuro nurse are on the case. I am virtually a full time Wheely but don’t have pressure probs. Physio wants me to have a cushion that will keep pelvis and legs in good position. The one I’m using I bought myself and it’s not supportive, encouraging thighs to roll inwards. I doubt Wheely service will see it as urgent.

Hi again Lizbos

The point of pressure relieving cushions is so you don’t get pressure problems. I don’t have problems with pressure sores but I don’t want to get them. So Wheelchair Services should treat it as a fairly urgent need given that your current cushion isn’t doing what you need, ie support.



If unfortunately you get a pressure sore it makes that area susceptible. As I said I have had one after another since 1998; never had one before. Don’t be complacent; God forbid you regret it; make waves.


Thanks again. I take you point re pressure sores and hope Wheely Service will see the need for speedy service. Liz

Hello Lizbos.

In East Sussex, I was put on the list for a power chair last November. I’m not holding my breath but I hope it arrives before my own rather well used chairs fall apart.

Best wishes.