Wheelchair Assessment

Hi All,

Hoping you are all coping with the warmer weather…I have just been told that I am on a waiting list for a wheelchair assessment, I only wanted one so I can go further than I can with my stick or actually go on a day out! I don’t need one all the time.

I am just wondering what excatly is the assessment? Are they just going to ask me questions?

Thanks in advance for any replies

Take care BeckyX

I don’t remember it being much of an assessment to be honest. They chatted a bit about my falls, weighed and measured me and then I had a try out in an indoor electric chair. (I can’t self propel) A couple of weeks later they came to assess my house (check the plugs ec) and then I got my indoor chair.

The assessment for an indoor/outdoor chair was a bit more indepth – I had to test drive a chair outside. There was more detailed discussion about what I would use the chair for – walking the dog etc. I had a specific chair in mind so I was quite keen to steer the discussion in that direction! I also had to have an eye test.

I had another home visit to check outside access this time and then a couple of months later I got the wonderful chair I have now. Good Luck


PS Each area is different but here in Leeds the prescribing criteria for an indoor/outdoor electric chair is that you need it full time – they will prescribe manual ones for occasional use but not electric

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the reply, I pretty much just want a manual chair if I have further to go or on the days when my fatigue is at its worst.

Heres hoping the waiting list I’m now on isn’t too long…

Take care


I got mine via the physio. In general chitchat I told her I was thinking of hiring one for a holiday and she asked me if I wanted one and measured me up there and then. It isn’t as if I knew the physio I have only ever been about three times. It arrived about a week later. I just assumed it was that way for everyone. Jan It’s self propelled.

My MS Nurse referred me to the wheelchair service for my manual wheelchair, the assessment was just talking about my needs - i.e. did a manual chair meet my needs and measured me up. The lady who assessed me said that I could have any colour I wanted - just as long as it was black :slight_smile: Within about 6 weeks I took delivery of a Invacare Action 3 NG. For serious self propelling , you’ll probably want to lose the arm rests - as they get in the way, but It’s a good first chair to learn the ropes in. If the push rims are too smooth to grip, then weight training gloves with a grippy palm work like a charm.


I got given one for exactly the same purpose. I chatted to my ms nurse, as I had hired one while away, who said she would refer me to wheelchair services and a few weeks later I got a call to say my chair was being delivered the next day! My initial thought was that they had phoned the wrong number, as message left didn’t say who was calling and I remember thinking…what chair, I haven’t ordered a chair? Once I worked out who was calling…and it wasn’t DFS (lol) …I arranged delivery. I wasn’t actually assessed as such…maybe my ms nurse saying I needed one was enough in my area. Just felt very lucky for it to go through so easy…hope you have the same luck…it is useful for bad days : )

Yep same here Physio and OT came out and hey presto got one now have powered one as no strength to self propel HAVE FUN Don