Hi everybody After being limited to where I can go for nearly 12 months I’ve decided that I need some help. I can walk a short distance but then the dizziness and balance problems stop me in my tracks and I have to go home in the car. I have avoided places where wheelchairs aren’t available to the public and now I’m feeling a bit better I’m wanting to get out more. What I want to know is how do I go about getting a wheelchair? Not for all the time, just for those moments when I can’t go any further without help. Is there a criteria? Assessment? Who do I need to contact? Or will I need to buy my own? Thanks Mini x

Hi, well there are several ways of getting your own wheelie.

Of course you can buy your own. depending on what type you want eg

manual self propel/attendant pushed can be bought from around £100 new.

electric wise.I bought an as new recon chair for £445!

Following on from my own experiences, I think it best to get assessed by Wheelchair Services.

Otherwise it is possible to buy the wrong chair and end up causing yourself more problems…been there, done that myself!

Different authorities have different criteria…but usually long waiting lists.

Take a look on ebay, to get an idea of what`s available.

Been a full time wheelie for 9 years myself.

I look on my chair as my best friend. Without it, I`d be bed and house bound.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

remember this;

have wheels, will travel.

luv Pollx

Thanks for your advice Poll ill take it on board x

Hi, nothing to add to Poll’s wonderful advice.

I’m going with the local authority. The GP can refer you. They then do an assessment. That’s in my borough anyway. Look at your local council website. There should be a link to ‘disability services’ or something like that.

Good luck with it,

Pat x

Poll, can I just say, as a fellow recent new member of the wheelie club I love your positivity and I’m totally stealing your catchphrase - have wheels, will travel!!!

[quote=stans mum]

Poll, can I just say, as a fellow recent new member of the wheelie club I love your positivity and I’m totally stealing your catchphrase - have wheels, will travel!!!


You`re most welcome hun!

luv Pollx

I’ve just spoke to my ms nurse and she is referring me to wheelchair assessment. Can you tell me what will happen please? Just hope I’m not waiting ages :frowning: x

Hi again.

Give it a few days, then ring Wheelchair Services and ask what the waiting list is like.

Youll get an appointment to discuss your needs, and someone will come to assess your home, to check a wheelchair will go round the house. If that is ok, youll get called in to try some chairs.

luv Pollx

Ok thanks again Poll x

well mine is coming today after two weeks, however son took call asked them to call back they said no and they would be here between 9 and 4 dont know if they come and just dump it or assess me they have my height and weight and that i have MS but that is all

wait and see

Oh right will you let me know how you get on good luck x

well man turned up said here is your chair, i said do you not fit me for it he said only show you how to use it, duly he did, son tried it out and cut his finger oh well here goes

Hi, when my first indoor wheelie was delivered, I was not allowed to touch it until the Wheelchair technician came to check it and give me some tuition. He also checked to see if my home was suitable. We made a few changes to door thresholds and garden flagstones.

When i wanted an outdoor one, I was invited to Wheelchair services who took me for a test run outside the centre…crossing roads, watching for traffic coming out of drives etc.

At the end she said she was satisfied i was a good driver.

Then a couple of weeks later, I had an outdoor test chair delivered and had an appointment to meet the techinician in town for an hours test. it was chucking it down with rain and i had a hood up, making it difficult to see round to the side. But i did well, cos the man said Id passed with flying colours. Of course hubby asked how much Id given him as a bribe! Cheek!!

Then MY chair was delivered and the techy came again, to show me how to work it etc.

It all took a few weeks, but me and said wheelie are best of friends…not me and the techy you know!

luv Pollx