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Went for my wheelchair assessment today. It’s in a new premises operated by Opcare Mobility/NHS.

I was seen by an NHS physio and a Wheelchair therapist. They were so kind, helpful, interested and just nice lasses!

I did feel a bit daft, having been under them before I got my current chair, which as most of you know, is on Motability.

But I needn’t have worried, as they said it is their duty to ensure I am not without a suitable wheelchair.

Just to bring anyone up to date with what’s what…the 3 year lease on my chair ends in January and I was aghast when I realized I have to give it back! And this after paying out nearly 4 k!!!

The £102 a month I pay, will be a big help towards heating bills.

Anyroad I tried a new chair…a mid wheel drive Sunrise Quickie Salsa. I loved it and will hopefully be getting one around December.

I urge anyone thinking of getting a wheelchair in Motability, to study the cost involved.



Hi Polls,

It is well worth the wait and a big saving. Just have to be patient with the NHS.

I also have a mid-wheel drive Sunrise Quickie Salsa M2 Mini [in black] on order via NHS Wheelchair Services,

as I also have a mobility car, so could not afford both. The best thing about the 52cm wide mini is its ability to go

through narrow corridors and around doorways. I won’t need to widen doors at home with my new powerchair.

I was amazed that these powerchairs are available on prescription from the NHS, perhaps that’s why there is such a

long waiting list for an appointment - I waited 12 weeks for my assessment. But once I had the initial appointment at the

centre, I had two quick follow up home assessments where I could try out two powerchairs. So important to try the chairs at


The powerchair will remain the property of the NHS, and will be repaired by them too. So no extra cost or worry for me.

Because I live in a rural area, I want to buy another used powerchair for our muddy country lanes - here I think a front wheel

drive Puma 40 or an OttoBock 400 or 600 might be better and I have an outhouse to keep it in. So no mud in the house. You

can find them on ebay often £1,450 to £600.

I wonder if the MS Society would give a grant for an ebay powerchair for rambling??

Happy powerchairing!


They might. You can only ask!


Some news here: Waiting times.

NHS Wheelchair Services & Personal Wheelchair Budgets.

There are waiting lists for assessment and provision of wheelchairs: unfortunately, you may have to wait several weeks to be seen. According to figures from NHS England,

• 70% of wheelchair users wait more than three months for their chair
• 30% wait more than six months
• 15% wait more than 12 months

In most areas, their target is 18 weeks for provision of a wheelchair.


I reckon I got quite a quick appointment. About 2 months from ringing up. I hope my new chair is available for December.


I ordered a new wheelchair cushion in March. I was told no assessment needed for a replacement cushion and it shouldnt take long. I was told I would be contacted when it came in.

I rang to ask if it had come in May and was told quite gruffly, ¬We will let you know when it comes`

So I darent ask again.

But yesterday when I went for the chair assessment, I mentioned about the cushion.

It seems it did come in, but had disappeared! Someone else must have my cushion.

Back to re-ordering now!


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Customer service is poor to non-existent. My manual chair took 6 weeks to come - I phoned them twice!

They failed to keep me in touch. I think VirginCare only have staff to do the actual assessments and they are very busy

as they have to do home visits too.

Should this service be privatised??

Anyway… we are both, after a long wait, looking forward to our new powerchairs.

We will have to compare notes when they arrive.


At the moment I am planning how to wash the wheels if I take it up our muddy lane.

I have got a water tap by my back door and could hose it down with a jet wash before

coming indoors.


Hey! I gt a surprise call this morning from wheelie services.

They`d found my missing cushion.

So Bev, my carer, went to get it and Im using it. I think its better, but cant really tell till I go out for a trundle next Tuesday…I dont get out much!

Methinks hosing down with a gentle jet wash is the way to clean the mud off your wheels.


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Wonderful news then - cushion crisis solved.

I’ve bought a jet wash and will see how things go.