wheelchair services

Hi, some of you may recall me getting a new wheelchair via Motability in November. I had asked for a reassessment as my chair then wasn’t suitable any more, as my condition progressed. After several months waiting, I was shocked when I rang again to see where I was on the list and was told our centre had closed and joined with a neighbouring authority.

I rang the new number, asked my question but felt it didn’t receive due diligence or interest. Hence my reason for buying the new chair myself.

I was surprised to receive an appointment in the post for tomorrow. It is support cushions I am hoping to change.

But what about this for a shocker?..

When our regular wheelchair engineer called yesterday, to collect my old chair, he was concerned as to why I no longer needed it. He asked my hubby if I had passed away!!!

Ooeeerr, makes you go all shivery, don’t it?

Poll…still very much alive and kicking! X

hiya pol

yes shivery but find comfort in the fact that he knew who r are and and not just a number on his worksheet!

i waited 11months to get my powerchair repaired! the guy appeared on christmas eve and said that santa had sent him to fix it!!! i do appreciate a sense of humour!

take care, ellie x

A few years ago, l was in the waiting room - appointment to see consultant neuro - and the Wheelchair Services office was right beside where we were sitting. l sat for an hour - as usual - and had to listen to the two ladies in the Wheelchair Services chatting about where they had been - where they were going. And all the time the phone was ringing. They never picked it up!! The phone went into answer machine - and we all heard the people on the other end of the phone leaving messages. They all needed urgent help with repairs etc for their chairs. And these ladies ignored everyone. We - in the waiting room were looking at one another and tutting - as you can imagine. Two patients were in wheelchairs - and they were saying that they now knew why they could never get through for help. This was in the Warwick/Leamington Spa area. Name and Shame them! l bet if they needed to be in a wheelchair they would have been more sympathetic. Twice they went and got themselves cups of tea - and all the time they were eating biscuits and chocolate bars.

The new centre took some finding…in the deep wilderness beyond Huddersfield. Anyway, the staff were all very attentive. The therapist spent a good hour with me. I have a different seat cushion to try over the weekend.

I told her about why and how I am paying for my chair. She was sorry that the system isn’t better. But she did say they could fit a better back if I want i