sitting comfortably

I am a 52 year old man, I can’t walk so I’m sat down all the time. I experience a lot of discomfort around my rear end and have looked at gel cushions, but i’m reluctant to spend so much money unless I know I will benefit from one. Can anyone in my situation offer any advice?

Hi Jimbob, I have a recliner (which was expensive!) but what I really like about it is it’s made from memory foam and SO comfy on my rear end. When I sit in ordinary chairs I get sore very quickly.

You can buy memory foam cushions or pillows and I would highly recommend.

Pat x

Hi Jimbob

Have you asked your local wheelchair services about a new cushion? because if you are in a wheelchair and have problems with pressure they should give you a gel cushion or something similar. Saying that I suppose it depends on your council now since all of the cuts in their budgets. Good luck.

Lynne xx

Hi jimbob

I would suggest getting in touch with your community occupational therapist (via your MS nurse). They should be able to get one for you. Roho cushions are expensive, but beneficial.

Hope this helps. x

Yep, you need to see an OT or Wheelchair Services who will hopefully sort out your seating probs.

luv Pollx