pressure relief cushions

Can anyone recommend a chair cushion for my sister.

She can only move her right forearm and so cannot change her position at all.

My niece (her full-time carer) would like to buy one to relieve pressure when my sister is sitting in an arm chair.

There are so many on the market and it is difficult to make a choice.

Thanks, juniper jan

I think you need the advice of an Occupational Therapist to help identify which cushion would be most appropriate for her specific needs.

I also think you need the services of an OT. Many a time I have purchased things to help and found they have only worsened my situation.

Trouble is there could be a waiting list to get an OT in.


Many choices and she must not get a pressure sore as it makes that area susceptible and you always get em; I can vouch for that!

I was alright with a Jay cushion which has a hard front and soft silicone back half. Then some nurse put it on the wrong way around so I was sitting on the hard part; result pressure sore.

They are very expensive; but as others have said see your OT who will put you in touch with wheelchair services.


Sorry meant to add get a Roho