Wheelchair Cushions

I requested a cushion to help prevent pressure sores as spending a lot of time sitting in wheelchairs.

Received a phone call from Wheelchair Services - will update my bog standard manual cushion to a Pro Pad one - no problem.

Five minutes later - phone rang again. Sorry, no can do as you already have a pressure relieving cushion in your Salsa.

Not a problem to have 2 chairs, but not able to have 2 cushions due to budget pressures!

Has anyone else managed to get 2 cushions or do you have to keep swapping?

2 chairs? Have you got 2 powerchairs? How come?

I’ve got a manual and a powerchair and pressure cushions in both. The gel cushion in the sling seat of the powerchair is like a rock on the hard seat of the Salsa so I had to have a different one otherwise I’d be doing the swapperoo too.

(Not that I use my manual chair much – if at all these days since we got WAV)


Sorry for confusion - I have a Salsa powerchair for getting around the village and I have a manual for using around the house or to put in a car.

It is the manual one that I need a better cushion for.


I had the gel cushion for my manual first – about 18 months ago but it’s not suitable for the hard seat of the Salsa which is why I was able to get another I suppose.

I use my Salsa indoors – it’s uber maneuverable why don’t you use it in the house too?


Hi, over the years ive had a lot of different cushions, supplied by Wheelchair Services. Nothing ever solved my uncomfortable-ness...........until my latest one............its a J2 Deep Contour cushion. It was made to measure for me and is wonderful! I can sit in it for a good while, but I do change my position every so often to avoid pressure pains, as the technician said there isn`t a support cushion in the world that anyone can sit on all day without getting achey or sore.

This cushion has a solid base, with memory foam and 2 depression shapes where my bum cheeks fit. It`s fab!

luv Pollx