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I used to post on this forum about 15 years ago until my MS progressed to the point where I couldn’t type anymore. My PA is typing this for me.

I’m looking for some comfy seating. I spend all of my time sitting. My OT has provided an armchair on wheels, and we have tried every cushion on the market, but because I am under weight and have a boney bum, sitting becomes painful after about an hour. I have researched cushions for people with boney bums, and it does seem to be a thing! For example, people who have cancer or other illnesses where sitting can be painful, so I don’t understand why something can’t be identified for people with advanced MS. I end up using a thick piece of memory foam that I got off Amazon, it seems the cheapest solution is the best.

Can anyone recommend or suggest a product that I can use instead.

Many thanks.

My comfiest chair is my Herman Miller Aeron Chair. I sit in that when I can’t get comfortable anywhere else - including bed!

It’s basically a task or office chair but the way it is made means it provides support in a totally different way to a conventional chair because of both backrest and cushion are made up of mesh under tension. Because no foam, it breathes and moulds to you. Highly adjustable for height, recline, lumbar and flex and with optional headrest.

£1200 new but you can pick up second hand for under £400 but I’d aim for £500+. Have a look on ebay. Been on the market almost 30 years and virtually indestructible, there is a thriving second hand market for chairs, spare parts and accessories. Come in 3 sizes too, according to build. Don’t be tempted by cheap Chinese copies - they’re not the same.


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hi, i have good chair my ot got for me.

it s a lento tip and recline and is from yorkshire care

it has great pressure care seat. it cost 4.5k.


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I have an Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Solution cushion, it has a foam base with a dual layer of gel sacs. It is designed for people who have a very high risk of developing pressure sores. They are quite expensive at around £370, but I got mine at no cost to myself through Wheelchair Services.

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