Hello folks,

I’m looking to get my wife a new chair. At the moment she sits in a height adjustable high back chair and has done for the past couple of years. It’s basic but up to now she’s found it comfortable.

We now have Homecare in the mornings and evenings and the carers need to transfer her from/to chair using a mobile hoist.

I’m looking for something much more comfortable (bearing in mind she spends most of the day in the chair or bed) and that’s mobile hoist friendly.

Anyone else in a similar situation and if so what chair do you use?

Thanks for your help.

Have you spoken to an Occupational Therapist?

In my area, you are able to contact them through Adult Care & Support and request an assessment.

They can suggest an appropriate chair for your wife, and may even pay for it - worth asking!

I agree, get in touch with your OT, or your GP can refer you.

Pam x


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

We’ve had frequent contact with the OT over the past year resulting recently in profiling bed, commode-shower chair & mobile hoist. Your right I would have thought this would come under their remit but apparantly they don’t offer chairs. The council Physio visited for a spell earlier in the year and left a list of shops to contact for riser/recliners. Last mentioned it to the OT a few weeks back and she offered to get a rep out to demo a few chairs.

I’m not convinced a standard riser/recliner is what we’re after especially with hoisitng now a factor. However I’ll have another crack at the OT (who has been great) and see if I can get more specific guidance from her.

Thanks again & take care.