Riser recliner chairs.

Anybody have or recommend a decent place that supplies Riser /Recliner chairs ? Thanks.

Something like this or similar.


Hi scudger do you have a mobility shop near you they usually have some in stock the one near her do or loads healthcare

You may have a loyds chemist near you .hope you find something george

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I got my Rise and Recline dual motor chair via the Adult Social Care team free, non-means tested, on NHS loan, like my wheelchair and powerchair.

All brand new and made to measured by the OT to “promote my independence” etc.,. all local councils have a budget for this.

Here is the chair I got

Configura Rise & Recline is appropriate for:

  • Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users
  • Accommodation and encouragement of good posture
  • Users at some risk of pressure damage
  • Users with neurological conditions
  • Users with a kyphosis
  • Users with oedemas legs and/or fluid build-up

It is very comfy - but I did have to change the 3 cushion covers on the back to soft brushed cotton pillow cases from Sainsbury’s - to make is perfect.

So contact Adult Social Care and ask for an assessment. It does take a few weeks to get an appointment though and 4 weeks for the chair to arrive. Worth the wait. My OT also did an assessment and sent over the bed too.…


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Where I live they sell them in a lot of the furniture shops

I have just bought a relaxer, it is in the box waiting for someone to put it together tomorrow. It wasn’t advertised as a specialist chair, I hunted shops for miles around and decided against the recliner/lifter type first because they were all big and second I am only 5 ft two and felt like I was marooned in these big chairs. I found a tiny material one that has three settings for relaxing. It was the most comfortable out of everything. I searched on the internet for months first, then set out round the shops to sit and lie in them all. They all feel very different, some of the leathers are hard, the movement of one made me feel a bit sick. Some seem on the internet ok but are actually quite large when you see them in the shop. I had already been recommended by a OT to get one or something similar. She advised not going to DFS or any of those larger shops but advised looking at specialists first.

So I can only say if you can, try a couple out as they are all so different. I have two quite tall wooden cubes that are used as coffee tables, I intend to have one each side of the chair to rest things on at the right height but also use one to balance as I get out of the chair. I am going back in the new year to get one for my other room, but not till the sales are on. Good luck.