Chairs [ not wheelchairs]

Hi everyone hope Sunday finds you all ok , i am really struggling to get myself comfy and up from our sofa and my husband is having to help haul me up from it , we are thinking of getting a rise and recline chair for me as i can no longer get comfy on the sofa even with various cushions and pillows. Has anybody got one and if so were from and has it made these things better as i know these things are expensive and don’t wont too make a mistake.

Good week to you all. Katy

Hi Katy

Yes, I have one and yes it is comfy and I have found it really useful. My OT got it for me, she sent a man who measured me and got it made to fit. I am short, so my chair is lower to the ground than normal, as its important to have one which fits your requirements.

Have a word with your OT Katy, and if you don’t have one, either ask your GP or MS nurse to refer you, or alternatively, you can ring adult services and refer yourself.

Hope this helps, take care.

Pam x

Hi, I also have a bespoke riser recliner chair. OT organised it for me. I sit in for several hours a day. It is more comfy than my wheelie chair.


Chairs to you !!! What we drinking ???

Thank you for the sensible replys , and if your buying carraboy i will have a large southern comfort. I will get a man to come round and give me some advice i think that is the best way to go .

Take all .Katy

How old is your sofa. Mum had one that came on the ark and it was a real rope and tackle job to get up. New sofa was ok. Go and check some out. Firmer the better… :wink: matron