Recliner chairs

Hello all. I’m really struggling now getting up from the chair in the living room. Sitting down on one is no longer a controlled movement. More of a flop down into it. Thinking about getting a recliner for the days I need to doze off.

From reading here, I realise it really needs to be a motorised one. I wouldn’t have the strength in my legs to push back the foot rest. Double motor ones are horribly expensive. Does anyone have a riser/recliner and what is your opinion on this? They’re quite a bit cheaper. Don’t want to make an expensive mistake.

Hi Poppy

It maybe worth having a chat to an OT they can advise on this and you may be entitled to one free of charge. Before spending out on one ask to check, if you don’t have an assigned OT you can refer yourself to Adult Social services or ask your gp to refer you.

Hope this helps.

Pam x


Thanks pam, however I live in the Irish republic and wouldn’t be able to get this for free from the services here. I’m not complaining as I did get a manual wheelchair, (a quickie helium no less!) and a motorised one also, without charge.

It’s not considered essential imI afraid. :frowning:

There are so many riser recliners. I started with one i bought off the Internet years back. It was great to get up BUT horror of horrors, my cat decided to sleep under the recliner chair and i nearly squashed it one day eeek. Anyway long story short I kept mine on recline all the time after that lol, and learnt how to just get up but it was dangerous as i would tip it.

I ended up buying a sofa which would never tip and its on recline all the time and i love it. I recline all day.

BUT a riser recliner without a cat is great lol. Mine literally put me up straight.

Like i said loads about and not expensive. I would suggest if you have shop with them in your area maybe try one before you buy.

My first one went to my SIL who uses it still so it must be 10 years old now.

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Hello Pops.

I received one from adult social care but I’d have happily paid for it.

Can you do one on installments?


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Thanks Steve. No, I’d find the means to pay for one. I think I’m the feeling the dual motor is the way to go. Hubby says yes, definitely whereas I was looking at the cheaper option. I don’t want to end up like a beetle on it’sback, unable toget back upright! :smiley:

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Hi, I got mine via the OT at Adult Social Care too. I spend most of my day in it. If you get a letter of support from your OT you could ask for a grant from the MS Society. Good luck.

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I got mine second hand. It went to my sister in law after I couldn’t use it anymore.


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Great news! Went to my local Ms club today, they have a massage/reflexology morning every Wednesday. Their welfare lady happened to be there having a coffee and we got chatting. I explained my situation and was taken and shown one available for loan. It was a single motor and not really suitable for me.

Next thing I’m told she’ll speak to the committee and they will fund one! I will get to choose what suits my needs and our home. It will remain their property but loaned to me for as long as needed. How brilliant is that?! And how grateful am i?


Brilliant news Poppy I am so pleased for you.

Pam x

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That is great news XXX Don

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Indeed it is folks. I’d been looking at second hand ones, which are still a lot of money, and they are either gianormous or hideous looking. None are dual motor. I don’t know how long before I hear back from her, but it’s something to look forward to.

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Time to sit back and relax Poppy.


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Thanks Steve

IvII not heard from anyone yet. I’m really looking forward to having one. These stupid chairs I bought a couple of years ago are awful. I’m a shorty and the seat is deep, front to back. I end up lying back 45° angle and with a very stiff sore backside!

Actually Steve, could I ask you to have a look at an earlier post of mine and give any thoughts please? It’s called Smaller Wheelchair. Thank you! x

Oh Happy days! My lovely lady from the Ms club… she say Yes!!! I was asked to go to a local (very posh/high quality) furniture store and look at what was available. The chairman (hehe, really!) of the committee met us there. Having explained the difference between the single and twin motor functions to him, he totally understood my wanting a twin motor. Told me to order the one that was most suitable, and one that I liked. I was baulking at the cost! He was so lovely. I was told sternly, that I hadn’t asked to be given ms and that’s what these funds are for. He asked at the store that the invoice be sent to him and left husband and I to choose on our own.

I had great fun trying the display model out. Under strict instructions to buy what was right for me and not to try to get the cheaper option, I now must wait for my new chair to be delivered in about six weeks. I have to say, in the three years since my diagnosis, I have met some really lovely people who have only offered help and support and kindness. Today is a happy day.


Hiya all, my recliner chair is great, as I am completely useless from the middle of my chest downwards. My carers hoist me from my bed to a camode with wheels, then from my camode to my recliner. Where I stay from 2 in the afternoon to 10 at night. Then it’s back to my bed. Good luck to all my ms comrades.

Enjoy your chair Poppy.

To go with mine I bought a ‘Hold it’ for my laptop, reading books and doing drawings.

Hi and sorry for up. What brand and model did you choose finally? After this time, what is your impression and experience with it? Choosing recliner or reclining chair for my Mom atm.
Thanks in advance

Hello Frank l actually chose the Sherbourne make on the advice of the show room guy. He said that brand was a better model, company etc. I hasten to add this wasn’t the one on display that I tried out. I assumed they were all the same.
They’re not.
The seat of mine is quite tilted back before any motorised action. Consequently I have to have a pillow/big cushion behind me. I would recommend a riser/recliner for the ease of getting to standing. Definitely try before buying.