Tired from sitting up straight?

This really puzelled me and I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar.

I wass just sat up straight watching telly and felt so tired I had to lie on my side on the couch to continue watching.

Is this why some people have those recliner chaiirs?

It's why i got a recliner Jon. I was spending too much time on the bed so got a recliner... it's really great. Feet up and can lower the back when I'm really done in.... so sort of like a day bed. Much less time in the bedroom which can get a bit much. 

Neighbour of mine got one for £45 on ebay, but she had to collect it (her daughter did). I bought a new, expensive memory foam one when I sold a flat couple of years ago... but was a good buy. The only problem is I don't find them very attractive so I keep a throw over mine which looks much better. 

No other chair lives up to the comfort of a recliner and are great when you get bad fatigue (which is my major symptom).

Pat x

Hi Jon

I agree with Pat, there is nothing like my recliner.  I even think I could

sleep in it all night, especially when it is so tiring getting ready for




Thanks girls at least now I know I am not the only person who gets tired sitting down  confused When I hopefully get my own place I think I will probaly get one I think I read somewhere that people with disabilities can get them VAT free. Is this true and where do you go to get  VAT free chair?

Hi Jon

Any mobility shop or on line and you request VAT exempt and give the



Take care


thanks Pam will keep that in mind