pain in the ass !!!

I have a pain like sciatica pain in my right ass cheek lol I have had ms for 10 years but never had this symptom before I’m ok sitting down or moving around its getting up that’s the problem I have had bad flu & chest infection so think I’m having a flare up anyone else had this pain in ass cheek?? Lol I am being a pain in the ass because of the pain in my ass lol !!

people asking how are you ?? I just say fine lol not telling them in fatigued having to use catheters dragging my right leg and have a pain in my ass but hey I’m fine I think its days like this we have to laugh!!! keep calm & carry on lol xx

Claire x

hi claire

is it a muscular pain in your ass?

it is the biggest muscle in the body - gluteous maximus.

i saw a physio at the ms therapy centre and she showed me a brilliant stretch.

it is a yoga pose called “alligator twist”.

doesnt take long but you need to lie on the floor which is all well and good but i can’t get up from the pigging floor!

if you google ‘alligator twist - yoga pose’ you will see pics.

it caused much hilarity because i kept asking people how i could get rid of my pain the ass - of course everybody thought i was talking about hubby!

good luck and i hope your bum stops hurting!

carole x

Hi Carole

I’ve got a perpetual pain in my right buttock (see I can write without profanity!). I might try this alligator twist thing. I do my (pathetic) exercises laying on the bed. Will have to see if I can actually get into the position, then get out of it again! Maybe with the help of my ‘lovely assistant’ (husband)!

Sue x