anyone get this one?

hi gone anon for this embarrasing question

every so often i get this really sore pain in my rear end like cramp or a muscle spasm and it's that bad i can't sit or find a cumfy can last up to 15 mins 

was dx earlier this year but been having these episodes for the last few years

i know we're all affected differently ...but even a pain in the bum??

are no body parts safe from thisangry


Hi Anon

No-I dont get pain as you describe-I have the opposite problem! I cant feel my butt opening at all. Sometimes I get a spasm-which is very sore in my tum area. Sometimes that acts as a warning that bowel is going to open but the pain is not always there. This has led to 'Martini' incontinence (anytime, anywhere etc)  I have found a solution but it wont help you in any way with pain.

Butt (?!) to answer your question-yes-anywhere can be affected. Common issues are pain and numb so I guess you and I have similar issues-but displayed differently.

Just had a thought-when I get nerve pain I cool the area rather than heat it-would a frozen pack of veg help you? Worth a try?

Take care,Ellie x

I think you got it exactly right when you said: "cramp or a muscle spasm".  You have a strong muscle there, and that's exactly what it is.

Some non-MSers occasionally get it too, and it's not clear what triggers it in them.

I've read anecdotally that strong coffee eases it in some people.  But because it typically happens in the middle of the night, most people are reluctant to try this.

It's a horrible pain.  I always think I want the toilet, but I don't - there's nothing there.  If I get up and mooch round the house for a while (with or without coffee), it usually goes off.  Sometimes only to return as soon as I've gone back to bed.  :(


Hi annon

Yes I do get this, it is sooooo painful! As Tina said I usually get this at night, nothing eases it, the pain is unbearable. I do get it during the day from time to time now.

I think it is worse when I get hot, or it makes me hot and sweaty not to sure what way round it is!

Intresting Tina I drink loads of strong coffee, just not at the time of the cramps.



I take 2 Neurofen and a sleeping pill! Was going to post the same recently so thanks.

hi all

thanks for replies...don't feel so bad now as others know what it's like

take care everyone and thanks againthumbsup

Hi everyone - lots of us have had 'pain in the btm' - it is excruciating - but at least we know it does eventaully - usually just as you are getting to panic- go.

l was wondering if a Magnesium supplement would help - it does with cramp/spasms in legs. l have been taking it recently after reading on here that it was a good idea to take with vitd3  -and l havent' had bum cramp since!!!


Would you describe it as in the region of the tailbone,in which case it might be coccydynia. Also is it caused or exacerbated by sitting for a long period e.g. on a coach journey or something similar?