Literally a pain in the butt!

Something else to add to the long list…

I’ve been getting searing pains in my rectum… lasting only couple of minutes but really painful… enough to really make me hold my breath… only felt pain ‘down there’ as bad as that when giving birth!

Found on internet it’s something called ‘Proctalgia Fugax’… in other words a spasm or cramp of the rectum.

I can honestly say that this damned MS is a pain in the butt.

If it was anyone else I would advise them to see GP… so better practise what I preach and make appointment tomorrow (why oh why couldn’t this have started before I saw bowel nurse only a couple of weeks ago???)

Hope you all having a good Sunday. I’m going out to see a little drama performance in local cafe & hope and pray I don’t get a Proctalgia Fugax mid-performance…

Pat xx

Ouch! The question is whether it is going to become a permanent affliction or is it a passing affectation giving you a free indefinite trial? If we kept a diary of such temporary symptoms it could fill a few volumes of your average medical encyclopaedia. I hope it can be dealt with promptly as none of us need such fringe “benefits”! Have a good sunday-I’m enjoying all the sport on the telly with the last game of the season.

Steve x

Pat that is a real pain in the butt. XXX hope all went well at the play. I am in bed watching Godzilla and waiting for my wife to return from our grandsons birthday party.

What a pain in the bum! Seriously though Pat, I hope this doesn’t hang around for very long and that you recover soon! I hope you enjoyed your outing! Teresa xx

Hi Pat Well, I never thought I’d be saying this in public !! I have rectal and virginal spasms…I don’t get them too often ( thank goodness) but gosh when I do they take my breath away. I suppose rather stupidly I’ve not mentioned them to my lovely MS nurse for no other reason than I simply thought it was just yet another spasm to be put up with. I used to take baclofen for spasms, I started on half a tablet and I thought it was a miracle, however, by the time I got up to eight I suddenly realised they were not really doing much for me and, in fact,the side effects had become almost worse than the problem. So I shall be very interested to see what your Dr has to say, GOOD LUCK Pat, I couldn’t ask my GPs they are beyond useless Ooh by the way Pat…got the sensitive toothpaste at the ready for the "“shingles” will let you know how it goes…not too soon I hope! Nina x

Thanks all.

Had a lovely time at the performance. It was six women telling stories… some funny, some sad. Was well done. But dear oh dear sitting on a hard chair for over an hour has given me another type of pain in the butt!

Everyone was very nice. There were people waiting outside while they were still setting the stage up… but they let me go straight in so I got a seat right in the front… and I had a cuppa and a HUGE slice of iced orange cake… … YUMMY!

Nina… can’t believe you’ve been suffering these without telling anyone! Unbearably painful. Actually I agree I don’t think GP will be able to do a thing. If I keep getting them I might increase the Amitriptyline.

But Nina I think you should tell your MS nurse… there might be something that can help. Are you on Amitriptyline?

What we go through with this damned MS!!!

Having a very quiet day today… Woke up dizzy which is my gorilla punishing me for going out yesterday.

Love to all,

Pat xx

Hi Pat, what next? My Mother use to say as long as a pain move around it shouldn’t kill you!! So if it’s consistantly in one place get it checked. Thinking of you, sorry no smileys but you know what I mean - 2 hearts xx M

Hi Pat

Yes, occasionally (thank goodness) I too get spasms there, and yes, it

can take your breath away, even though it only appears to last a short


I always advice others to see their GP or nurse, but unfortunately I never

follow my own advice and never mention it. It is always easy to mention

the spasms in my legs or hands, but “down there” is another matter.

I suffer a lot with constipation, whether this has anything to do with it, I

don’t know, but I hope yours eases soon.

Pam x

How did it go at the doc`s pat?

I used to have severe nerve pain in my bum! I take amitriptyline…75mg at night. It sorts it…completely!

But I had enemas recently, for severe constipation and the last one brought the pain back, for about 30 mins. Not nice. Wont ask for another!

luv Polll

ps take a cushion to anymore hard seat events, eh?

Hi Pat - glad you enjoyed the performance you went to. Too right that they gave you VIP treatment! I went out twice on Saturday - really suffered for it yesterday and still very sore legs today. MS is such a party pooper! Teresa xx

Hiya Pat

Ah yes…Proctalgia Fugax!

I done a post on this months ago. Another MSer, Tina, tracked down the cause.

It is soooo painful but thankfully quite infrequent for me. It has a strange pattern of striking at 1:30am in the morning while I’m asleep about twice a year. Being a fella it has another side effect of waking up my little ‘Marty’ as well. Sadly, I’m in so much pain it’s no use for my wife. LOL!

Thankfully it does not last too long. About 40 mins. Phew labour pains eh girls?


Hi Pat, I hope you’ll get some relief from this soon.

Actually this has fascinated me because some years before I knew, or even suspected I had ms I had a few weeks with a pain just as you descibe in the back passage. I remember going to the gp who stuck a finger up there (delightful) but could find nothing wrong. The pain went eventually and I haven’t had it since, but its only in hindsight that I think it was just one of those unexplained, at the time, sympoms of ms. And now I know it’s name!

I had so many of those trips to the gp about odd symptoms that there was never any explanation for in the years prior to diagnosis, as I’m sure most, of not all, of us had.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hilary x

Hi Pat, Sorry to hear you’ve been paying for your trip out…hope you felt it was worth it. Don’t know why I’ve not mentioned it to my nurse…always too much to fit in I think , I’ll mention it next time…I also get them in my neck…not as painful but really wierd. Yes, I did try amytriptilyne several years ago, for neuropathic pain but it didn’t help me at all ( not even to sleep) I was subsequently put on to Gabapentin which is great, at the moment I take 900mg in the morning and the same at night. Amazing how many of us seem to have this problem…great to know you’re not the only one though, isn’t it? Pat, did you go out in the trusty green goddess? Best wishes to everyone, Nina .

Hi Nina… yes seems to be a problem for many of us. I’ve not had it again for couple of days… so fingers crossed… though the ‘area’ feels quite sore.

Glad the Gabapentin is helping.

Went on my scooter which I’m using for local trips (& it was just round the corner). So will have to wait to use the green goddess again (love the name!). Generally I like the scooter as more independent.

We have a trip in June to Walton-on-the-Naze. They have a scooter hire shop there… so I can take the wheelie and get someone to push me along to the scooter shop, hire a scooter and leave wheelie in shop.

That’s the plan!

I’m still not feeling good (dizzy & fatigue!) and having repair men coming this afternoon to replace 3 window panes… seals are broken. Last thing I feel like… but hey at least I am getting them replaced and doesn’t cost me a penny!

Hope you and everyone doing ok,

Pat x

Hi pat hope you feel better soon i havent got ms but hubbys undergoing tests i have had piles and suffer IBS so can relate to bum pains lol.Grab that cushion xxx julie

Sorry your still grotty Pat. Your spasms must have been very bad…I’ve never been left with any sort of after pain. Did you decide not to go to Dr? You have my every sympathy re the workmen…always great to get jobs done and dusted bit oh what " pain in the backside" it is having workmen in the house! Hope you feel a bit better by the time they arrive. I have a little scooter too, as well as my black wheelie…don’t get out often but can only use scooter for little local "walks"as we live in the middle of nowhere and very few pavements around here. Back to bed for me for a couple of hours…couldn’t sleep…been sitting outside watching the birds since 6 o’clock! Beautiful ! Fingers crossed your other pain in the backside has gone away now. Nina x

Hi Pat, Sorry that you’re still not feeling so good - dizziness and fatigue, that sums me up too atm. Just been to the neurophysio and felt horrible the whole time! She was supposed to be getting me new crutches with Fischer handles as they are more comfortable. They had arrived but were much too short - I am 5’9" tall. So, it was a fairly wasted journey! Have to go to the surgery for an ECG this afternoon, so that will make me even more tired! Your trip in June sounds good - nice to get away! Hope you feel fighting fit that week! Hope those workmen sort out your panes - you’ve certainly had a lot of them lately! Hope that’s the last for a while. Take care, Teresa xx

Thanks gang.

Windows are finished and look great.

Yes Teresa I have had a lot of work done recently… pure fluke really as I’d reported the windows a while back and then the leak was found in bathroom!

Hope your ECG goes well hon.

Marty I heard that the Proctalgia Fugax (PF) (had to copy/paste as can’t remember how to spell it all) can have that affect on men’s ‘little Marty’!

I’m not sure if mine is classic PF as I don’t get it in the night and it doesn’t last nearly as long as yours… mine is only for a few minutes at at time. I think I have a variation on the theme!!!

Thanks again all… SO glad windows are finished…

Pat xxx

At last! All the work is done and you can relax in your newly mended surroundings! Thanks Pat, the ECG was normal - relief! Hated that I had to completely strip off above the waist though. It’s alright when you’re a nubile 18 yo and haven’t had four children! She poked and prodded at my boobs too where she had to put the sticky pads and electrodes - I felt very vulnerable and uncomfortable. Wasn’t expecting that! Never mind - all done now. Hope you can have a bit of R & R now! Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Glad all your work has been done, time for a rest now.

Teresa - glad your ECG was ok and yes, it can be embarrassing,

but these people are doing it all the time, dare say they take no

notice at all. What made me chuckle was, well you know how you

can imagine people look, when you only know them on here…well

I had not imagined you at 5’ 9", thought you were maybe like me … a

huge 5’. lol I think I was at the back of the queue when height was

being given out!!

Take care all.

Pam x