With great sadness ...

It has just been anounced that the Energiser Bunny has died from sexual exhaustion.

It seems that someone put his battery in the wrong way round … and he just kept on coming, and coming, and coming …

GEOFF!! You naughty man lol :slight_smile: wicked!!

Oh thats rude - I like it

I wasn’t expecting that from you Dr Geoff but I do like it!!! Have you been spending time with Wb? That sounds like one of his. Hehehehe!!


And I thought you were respectable. :smiley:

Geoff you have made me laugh my socks off!

not because of the joke!..

but…this is so out of character

I didn’t know you had a naughty side!



Dr Geoff

I am totally shocked! And pray, what might Sigmund Freud say about thislol! xx