Hello everyone! I hope your all as good as can be x I was just told that my neuro that I have had since 2005 is leaving and made me sad he’s helped me through appeal after appeal and been very helpful is a shame he’s leaving just before P.I.P next year but it was bound to happen one day :frowning:

hi moogle star

i am very fond of my neuro. he was the one who saw me through diagnosis before passing me to a ms specialist.

i still see him every 12 months and its like meeting an old friend (for me, dont know about him)

anyway good luck with PIP.

carole x

Yea I agree, my one is retiring so I won’t ever see him again :frowning:

Ahhh. I know exactly what you mean.

My original neuro retired 5 years ago. Very fond memories of how he dealt with my diagnosis with lots of empathy. The neuro who took over from him is much younger and I suppose has a younger approach to my 6 monthly check ups.

Good luck with PIP and I hope your new neuro is lovely.

Shazzie xx

It’s Sad when someone you trust in the Medical Profession Leaves. Let’s face it most of us aren’t lucky enough to be treated as a person and not a Lab rat. Hope you get someone you can talk too and who will listen. Having said that I wish my Neurologist would leave, she has no empathy whatsoever . Charlie B

Yea sad he always cheered me up and defended me against ESA scum all the way not sure there will be another like him :frowning:

My neuro before him couldn’t care less

My neuro before him couldn’t care less