Wired Tonight

Hi guys, just a ramble lay on my bed 1 daughter and Lola my little yorkie who I think maybe pregnant (dog not the daughter) Charlie my other Yorkie spread out on the sofa with other daughter. I’ve taken 2 pregablin 150mg cause I need some sleep as not settling at night again, but they have made me pleasantly drunk and awake instead of sleepy!!

Is it common to

have very little upper body strength, I really struggle to sit up and get off the bed.

My bum hurts if I sit or lie down for a time.

My affected side goes numb and hurts in bed from my fingers to my toes if I don’t move around.

I’m at war with myself over work, Im still off sick but employer is having second shot at preparing my work space to meet my needs, but am I going to cope with the workload?.

Just asked the girls how many lights are on in the house my electric bill is massive, 4 rooms lit.

My head is all over the place.

I have booked a 2 week all inclusive holiday in the sun, assistance arranged for airport, organised taxi transfers, suitable accommodation, insurance through MS society (cheaper than the post office for same cover) wheelchair hire at the resort it’s all alien to me being disabled first holiday since loss of mobility so I’m nervous and stressed. Hoping everything goes ok.

I’m the organiser in my family,wish sometimes someone else would take charge.

Hi, hope you don’t have a hangover feeling to go with your drunk feeling of last night

I can’t really answer you question except to say keeping mobile has to be better at keeping the aches and pains away, although I have noticed the more I try to walk the more my back hurts. My physio thinks it a posture thing and has given me loads of exercises to do

As for work all I can say is I have been off work since the end of April and I don’t miss it one bit. I am more relaxed and I sleep better, I am no longer stressing because I can’t fulfil my job as I should and once did. I have been given I’ll health retirement from Dec 23rd. You may be itching to get back to work and that’s great if you are but don’t rush, weigh up your options and then ask the advice of your GP and MS Nurse.

Holiday is a fab idea and it sounds as if you have everything covered, I hired a wheelchair to be delivered to the hotel the year before last but quite expensive so I took my own this year. Can I ask have you covered all the family for your MS so that they are covered as well if anything should prevent you from going? Airport assistance is great they look after you from entering the airport this end to leaving the airport the other end.

Gosh it’s 9.45 I should be getting up !!!

Jan x

Aw sweetie what a night you’ve had! And what a lot you’ve got on your shoulders!

balancing work and all these symptoms is a heck of a job in itself. I too had to be signed off due to my health, speak to your MS nurse and your GP about your return, I know it’s easy to worry about money and everything I did the same, but you do just adjust.

My affected side is numb but hurts especially bad if I don’t move it around for example if I’m in a car or something for a long period of time, I’ve got to keep it moving or it gets worse, as do the cramps.

your holiday sounds wonderful, I hope you have a brilliant time, my hubby has been too nervous to take me away abroad since I’ve been ill. We’ve only holidayed here, I keep telling him I could manage it, but I would be anxious.

Talk to your family about how you feel, share the load of worry, and you’ve always got us

Polly xxx

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It’s no wonder you’re not sleeping with all that on your mind. Retirement isn’t so bad. Initially I was all over the place and felt worthless but my family and friends (and anti depressants) helped so much. I now measure my worth by things I do such as the ironing or sewing things for myself or others and on a bad day even making someone smile can be an achievement. I’m sure your girls will love the fact that they’ll get quality time with you instead of you coming home from work and collapsing on the sofa. My health has improved so much now that I’m not killing myself trying to work. As a nurse my job was very stressful both physically and mentally and at the end of my employment I was very unhappy as I felt I wasn’t pulling my weight and needing time off sick so I wasn’t reliable, it was awful.

Enjoy your holiday, good on you booking and arranging it all.

Cath xx

Sorry that you have so much on your mind. It just seems to overwhelm you sometimes, doesn’t it? I don’t do so much now, but when I used to I would write it all down.

I would get a blank sheet of A4, landscape, and draw lines to give 8 divisions. Then in each compartment write a heading for each thing that needed sorting. Eg car, work, holiday, individual children, insurance, letters. I then would concentrate on each compartment an write down things to be done.

I found this organised my mind and I had all problems in front of me. I added things to it,but it was also a good feeling when I crossed things off. Sometimes I never looked at it again, just enough to organise things in my mind.

I hope things work out for you, and have a lovely well-organised holiday where you can relax. You will deserve it.

Jackie xx

Hope your feeling better today Pauline, Holiday sounds good but I dont go far nowadays but looking forward to hearing all about it. I was in bed by eight oclock last night and 8:30 the night before. I recon its the dark nights


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Hope you are having a better day Pauline, I am sure a lovely relaxing holiday will help.

Pam x