Merry Christmas

Hi All,

Lately having a few falls where legs just give way then I’m on floor, and the stiffness do you have it? How do you cope no Ms nurse I was suppose to have one call me September still nothing, I am ready for Christmas daughter is excited but she isn’t well at moment all bunged up asking my GP for baclofen since Ms nurse is so slow bladder nurse tomorrow she told me to stop vesicare other then that and fatique I’m fine

I am getting baclofen from gp is it good? I have asked for LDN he said specialists need to give it but he will do some research on it and ring me in a week, anyone have this and how has it helped you?

Thanks x

Merry Christmas xx

Why does post fail when I use emoji :frowning:

Hi Pauline

Sorry to hear you have fallen, b****y ms is a right pain in the bum (excuse the pun).

Hope your daughter feels better as well. I take baclofen and, for me, it takes the edge off the stiffness and spasms, hope it works for you.

Your ms nurse sounds about as good as a chocolate teapot, hope they get in touch soon.

Have a lovely Christmas and sorry I don’t know what emoji means, so can’t help there.

Pam x

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Merry Xmas Pauline, sorry you’ve had such a rough time.

Got to the LDN Research Trust for all the info.

They will advise on a private doctor who can make the prescription. You’ll need to fax or send proof that you have MS.

The doctor will send the prescription to a chemist… most people use one in Glasgow.

They will then send you the LDN.

Good Luck!

Pat xx

I’m in North west I just want it for bladder to be honest, how has it helped you pat x

My Ms nurse is useless so I got gp to give me baclofen I’m on 5mg 3 times a day making me dizzy tired from first day but so did gabapentin so I’m hoping it passes doesn’t help with my fatique, I have a copy of neuro letter saying to gp I may be progressive Ms so I guess that will do.

thanks all xx

emoji is a smiley app I use on iPhone for extra ones like Xmas tree and Santa hehe x