Will it never end?!

Hi all!
I hope everyone is feeling better now the heat has abated somewhat!

Does anyone out there fell like me that there has been far too much sport on Auntie Beeb of late?

I’m sure there was something significant before the football but the gray mush will not release the answer at the moment!
Then we had 4 or was it 5 weeks of world cup!
Swiftly followed by 2 weeks of Wimbby
A whole weekend of watching some strange guys whacking little balls within an inch of their lives
And now more than 33 hours of Commonwealth games coverage per day across dear old Auntie Beebs various channels for
what seems to have been a lifetime and goes on until Kylie closes it all on Sunday!
What next toture will they find to inflict on us?

Maybe it’s because it all reminds me of what I can no longer do (most of it I couldn’t do before MS anyway) but I really do not want to watch
all this c**p and object to this waste of my licence fee!

Having got that off my chest I do feel a tad better!

Que the avalanche of nay sayers!


Hi Allensp, “HUMBUG!!!” what more can I say. Andy

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hiya steve

i left the country for nearly 3 weeks so havent seen any of it!

my son is to watch the squash tonight-he’ll be there. he doesnt even like squash but the ticket was bought for him!


There was also the British Open golf tournament a few weeks ago …another sports event that the BBC covered for several hours per day throughout each of its 4 days !

Even though I used to play golf pre-MS, I found the BBC’s coverage was so lengthy it nearly put me off the game completely (…or was I just jealous, as - if I tried to address a ball nowadays, as soon as I started my backswing …I’d fall flat on my face )

Any other events ??


Hi Steve,

Personally I have been loving all the sports coverage apart from formula 1. I can see where you are coming from, unless you love sports it must be a bit annoying.

I have really enjoyed the Commonwealth Games, there have been some lovely moments and it has brought some lovely hot weather to Scotland albeit for a few days.

never mind Steve only a few days left for you to endure.

back to normal rubbish next week.

mags xx

I love it too, all of it except maybe cricket so it’s been a great summer for me. It never occurs to me that I should be upset because I can’t do any of it - I never could anyway. Well done BBC for consistently good coverage.


Bring on the mind numbing rubbish!

Thanks mags!

Hi Steve im with you fully buddy i used to do motorsports so like my F1 and Rallying and Hillclimbing which is very very rare to ever be put on the telly and the moto gp is all on sky these days oh i wish we could jump back to the days of Eddie Lawson in the motorbike GP and Isle Of Man eating up tv screens but as they say horses for courses but im with yer 100% :slight_smile:

Id put the news on but thats all Israel , Gaza , Putin and Ebola so may have to search the dvd collection for something funny llike Most Haunted to while away the hours tonight :slight_smile:

have a gd1 folks whatever your tastes


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There’s nothing so boring and pointless as TV coverage of sports in which one has no interest, is there?

I therefore think that the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon and The Open is excellent and well worth the licence fee all by itself, while its endless mind-numbing coverage of football//athletics/bicycle races etc is tedious beyond all description or endurance!


Hiya, yeah, too much sport, still only the Ryder cup to go then you will be glad to get back to the slash your wrists, eastenders, and reruns of flog it, etc, you may be interested to know that sky have obtained the rights to the 2014 origami finals but that’s on paper view, Brian


I’ve been watching the gymnastics,of which there is not normally enough coverage, the swimming and the diving and also Sky coverage of cricket, which can be painful when my mother asks question such as ‘why don’t they move over onto the grass?’ rather than that scalped hard bit’

I loved the coverage of the Commonwealth Games, golf, the World Cup etc and wish they still covered the cricket but agree that Wimbledon coverage is a waste of licence fee payers’ money as is anything involving overpaid lycra louts on cycles. I guess it all depends on on which sports one enjoys, if any.

Probably about the same time as they find a cure for MS. Must dash, the footballs on.

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I was delighted yesterday to see a trailer for Great British Bake Off, which starts on Wednesday, and to see in the TV mag that Who Do You Think You Are starts again on Thursday. Two shows I enjoy watching and had been waiting for.

I notice that the BBC has 3 channels covering the Commonwealth Games but every time I’ve looked, none of them has been showing the few events I’d want to watch! Typical!

Hey Dom. Steve did ad the golf, smashing little balls to an inch of there life, not really sure what the problem is there are a 100 + channels go find something you want to watch, as I love golf don’t have sky sports, and the wife was away for the weekend the open was on, thanks BBC. You made me very happy. Lol. (You miserable lot)

Not sure rider cup will be on BBC, hope it is though, mabe highlights.

I so make you right, watched open 9am/8pm. Great. And didn’t have to pay sky.

Cricket isn’t my favourite either although I don’t mind the one day cricket so much. Loved the golf an the Tour de France and the Commonwealth coverage is great.

Just not looking forward to 24hour football again!!!

Liz [can I squeeze in a final…? No…Oh well]