Who watches sport?

I used to play sport. It was a large part of my life. I’ve been to over 50 football grounds. Now I look at somewhere like St James’ Park and wonder how on earth people get to their seats.

Perhaps I’m over thinking but I’m grateful to be able to think.


agreed! i was born on hallowe’en and have a 3rd nipple (kindly pointed out to me by a doctor on the maternity ward) therefore i am a witch. me and hubby support man utd whilst my sister and her fella are man city fans. we all went to whitby 2 weeks ago and watched the derby match. city were winning and at half time i was concentrating. hubby asked what the hell i was doing and i said “shhh i’m channelling eric (ooh ah) cantona” eric came through for me and the 2nd half saw us thrashing city.


sport was a large chunk of my life too-athletics.

darts?! a sport or a skill? doesnt matter-i love it-and helps me exercise counting skills. can get p’d and nobody notices-am sat in chair and slurring anyway!


im a leeds utd supporter and even tho I live in Morecambe I go to every game home and away,i go on a supporters coach to home games and by train or car to away games,i have ppms and use a wheelchair getting up coach steps is a palaver but I do it with help,lifting legs on,bum pushing etc,lol I have some great mates who help me tho can be hard sorting things out thanks to sky tv changing kick off days and times.i get a free helpers ticket and ive retired with not too bad a pension so even tho costs its not too bad. ive been to nearly every game since 1980 for my sins .been to st james park few times and theres a lift to where the away wheelchair placesare,its stupidly high up

Don’t forget netball. England actually won Gold in the Commonwealth Games beating world and Commonwealth champions Australia in the last second. Amazing! Watched it and mentally played with a lot of physical movement too! Felt exhausted at the end! No money or fame in netball just love of the sport.

Oh Steve, I so agree with you, I love my football, and it’s a very sad day in my house when the end of the season comes.

My hubby is not a complete fan, he can take it or leave it, but I have done well, both my children and all 4 grandchildren are ardent supporters, as I am, of our beloved Bristol City.

At least when the season ends we only have a very short time to wait and the world cup begins.

Pam x

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As thought provoking as ever, Steve, but …
What is a sport?

Local league soccer is a sport, but Premier League is a money-making machine.
I have a problem considering anything as a sport that needs a panel of judges to decide how well someone performed. Yes, I include gymnastics, diving, and ice skating in that statement
First past the post is sporting.
Highest score is sporting.
Fastest time is sporting (Think cycling time trials, or down-hill skiing).

In my time, I have done orienteering, go-karting, boxing,cross country running, hockey, basketball and snooker.
My real sporting activity was one you will not find of the back pages of a newspaper - target shooting.
Often with a rifle, more often with a pistol (and then that devious little sh*te Tony Blair took the pistols away from civilians to cover up the police incompetence that led to the Dunblane massacre.

So I ended up as a Regional Coach, an International Judge, an Olympic selector and then one fine day - no sport.


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