at the age of 62 i’ve started to enjoy cricket on the telly.

no idea how or why but it’s costing me nowt.

there’s a local cricket club which used to take me 40 minutes to walk to, couldn’t attempt it now.

all the same it’s keeping me entertained without me spending an arm and a leg.

speaking of which mine (legs) will be on the market soon because they torment me day and night!

Carole x

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I like the caribbean music they play when cricket starts…not fussed re the game…but more power to you Carole


Cricket or snooker or both,…bound to miss a 147 or a stunning catch flicking over! I think snooker edges it for me, seems to be a family tradition, my grandmother used to love it despite having given my uncles so much earache over the years, when they’d been to the club! I like ODI and 20-20 so you are not alone!

Soul Limbo by Booker T and the MGs on youtube if you don’t want the cricket on!

I lurve cricket… my favourite game. Engrossing and complicated, and all about planning and strategy…used to watch it with my grandad when I was tiny, became fascinated by it…and haven’t really stopped. I listen to it on the radio (5 live) and watch the highlights of the day’s play on the telly. Have my favourites, as we all do… Ben Stokes is normally unstoppable, Stuart Broad is a class act, Ollie Pope is certainly one to watch, Dominic Bess is coming on nicely, despite the fact that he doesn’t look old enough to be out on his own - and I wouldn’t argue with a Jofra Archer delivery at 90mph!

Edited to say, I got it slightly wrong; it’s Ollie Pope who doesn’t look old enough! (22 and a baby face…) I must be getting well ancient…


Sorry but Cricket, Snooker & Tennis just drive me nuts.

I’d rather watch synchronised swimming all day whilst having pins stuck under my toe nails !

I did accidently watch a bit of cricket a few months ago, I think it was England in the world cup on the day they only had a certain number of balls left to throw to win the game, a bit like extra time or something, that was ever so slightly bearable, but just that bit of the game, I wasnt sure what was going on but they had to do what they needed to do right there and then !

Now, boxing thats another matter, doesn’t need to be the “big” fights, even amateur fights, in fact the fighters just starting out really do put everything on the line.

It’s the one on one, face to face, just me & you, raw bravery I like.

Sometimes though it’s clearly obvious from the opening bell that theres a complete mismatch, this is when a good ref is vital.

Dont mind rugby, especially the internationals, football, nope, overpaid “look at me” big heads.

What’s all the running and sliding on theirs knees to the corner thing when they score a goal ???

In rugby when theres a try, it’s a pat on the back and a nod of the head as they wipe away the blood and snot.

Found an apt birthday card somewhere for a friend who is a rugby man - “Football - 90 minutes of pretending you’re hurt. Rugby - 80 minutes of pretending you’re not.”

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Spot on

No, he does look about 14, you are not getting old…unless I am too! lol

in our house the collective noun for professional footballers is “Lawnfairies”


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