Tired.....but happy!!!

Hi all

Feel shattered now, but you will laugh when I tell you the reason!!

Been watching the footy on the telly, and MY TEAM (Bristol city) won and at the moment they are top of the league!!! One game played and only 45 more to go!!

That’s all I have done, but excitement makes me so fatigued, to see me now, you would think I had played the match.

But I am happy…and going to rest now.

Little things please little minds, have a good day everyone.

Pam xxx


Great result Pam! My boys won 3-0 as well, and the cricket is out of this world!

A happy Saturday night, now to go out and party. I wish


Well done to your team KeV, but cricket, sorry no…I. Would rather watch paint dry!

Pam x


Ahhhh it is the little things in life…

Not a footy or a cricket fan… although I pretend to support Spurs because it winds my son up who’s a big Arsenal fan!

Enjoy your weekend people whatever you’re doing.

Pat xx


TBH Pam I wish Bristol all the best as it is a crying shame that the nicest, most positive and polite city in England does not have a team in the Premier League; big up the south-west! But I’m with Kev this time; the cricket was awesome. Great to sock it to the Indians who seem to think they run the game these days…


Hi CP, glad you and KeV enjoyed the cricket, but its not for me, its too slow same as golf, give me footy any day. Good job we are not all the same, but with my patriotic hat on, I would want England to win of course.

Pam x


Hi all,

Has the footie started? It only seems 5 minutes since the season ended. As for cricket…boring!!

i am tired and happy too. I have just started a weeks holiday and my daughter and two grandsons are staying the night.

What a lot of kit a new baby needs. My kitchen and living room looks like a bomb has gone off but hey ho!

I’m not doing anything except getting the baby plonked on my knee. Bliss!!

Have a lovely weekend.

mags xx


Oh Mags, enjoy that baby, they grow up way too quick, and yes they need an artic lorry to transport all the stuff for a baby.

Footy started today for the season, premiership next week. I think it seems to have come round quickly, cos the world cup was on as well.

I’m with you on the cricket Mags…boring!

Have a good weekend, and enjoy those cuddles with the baby.

Pam x


Pam and Mags- I can assure that cricket is not a slow game. Once the bowler starts his run up things happen very quickly in split seconds.

and at the same time the game can ebb and flow, like football but stretched over 5 days, like a 5 act play. (Or three act this last Test!)

it is glorious.

Golf, though, that is boring, you’re right.

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Watching football league show in bed now very tired but glad to see footie.


I was in the garden from noon lying back watching the clouds till I got dragged in at 5pm by my youngest to watch Frozen.

i love lying around outside, shouting through the window for refreshments, only going in for wee,wee’s I wouldn’t do that if I could get away with it.

Being a mancunian I was born and bred man united but the only time I really got into a football match was watching it in the pub,

i used to go to the Man City social club in the olden days, when they had a scruffy stadium. My 2nd marriage reception was held at the Etihad city stadium very grand it was, unlike the marriage!!

thats my connection, sooner sit in the sun.

Pauline x


Hi KeV, this is one that we will have to agree to disagree, sorry. I watched it once, and what made me bored, was that the chap threw the ball about 10 times before the other bloke decided to hit it! That is boring!

Glad that you enjoy it though, its nice for you to have something on TV that you can get engrossed in, enjoy.

Pam x

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Pam just checked and realised I was checking Rovers not City silly me

who would of thought it Don and Silly in the same sentence

Have a good day

PS I slept through most of the footie


Oh Don, there is only one REAL team in Bristol…City!! lol

As you can tell, I am a true passionate Robin.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend, look forward to your blog.

Pam x