Hello everyone, I must say how the attitude of many of the English cricket team is quite dreadful. Despite the comprehensive defeat, the arrogance and self centered mentality of these fit able bodied prima donnas is still shining through. In 1981 Iam Botham swallowed his pride, stood down from the captaincy and created Ashes history. He also walks hundreds of miles for charitable causes. An example to be followed by the current team? Doubt it. Pretty galling for me as coached cricket to 10/11 year olds right up to the end, promoting sportsmanship and fairness. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve, All my four sons play cricket and we are all massive cricket fans in our house. We have been devastated by recent events and feel that England have really let us down. The personnel really need to change including KP and the captain I think. Our best chance of an Ashes win is now the girls. Fingers crossed for them! Hope we can win at least one of the ODIs! Teresa xx

Hi Steve

I cant say that I follow cricket, but always have an interest when they are playing for their Country, and feel they should all hang their heads in shame, instead if which they appear to be very arrogant individuals.

I thinkk they need to go back to the drawing board and start again.

Pam x

Steve: I hear you!!!

I was at the MCG for Boxing Day; an amazing day, great atmosphere etc (93k there!), but the cricket…dear o dear.

Like you I used to coach 11-18 age range. I always taught them to prize their wicket like their life; a lesson, it appears, that Alastair Cook and his men have forgotton.

On the bright side, maybe Ben Stokes might be the new Beefy. Every dark cloud and all that.

Take care; and a BIG thankyou for starting this thread.