Well done Wales good game!

I assume that you have MS. My name is ‘Marcus’ as well and I used to play rugby (when I was younger) and I used to ‘watch’ Wales play at Murrayfield in Edinburgh. I didn’t support Wales but they were always a good team to watch and the supporters were always good to be with. I am Scottish and I used to support (obviously) - SCOTLAND but Wales are still good to watch.


Hi Marcus

They left it late mind

Was on the edge of my seat.

Hope Scotland can do the same.


Hello fellas, Marcus is my little boys name I’m actually a lady with ms and was forced to watch the Wales-England match with my hubby but did enjoy it lol! Nicola :slight_smile:

Hi Nicola.

Nobody is perfect,but glad you enjoyed it.

The name thing,put me of my stride.

Take Care.


As long as we beat the English we dont mind … LOLx

Yes, brilliant game - two young teams with loads pf potential - am surte there aere going to be soime cracking encounters betrween these two teams in the future.

Michael - Valley boy - Ukrainain/Bulgarian parentage but a proud Welshman when it comes to rugby.

Yes, brilliant game - two young teams with loads of potential - am sure there are going to be some cracking encounters between these two teams in the future.

Michael - Valley boy - Ukrainian/Bulgarian parentage but a proud Welshman whan it comes to rugby.

(apologies for earlier spelling errors)

I’m ‘keeping quiet’ at the moment (as well you might be aware?). When I was younger I used to play ‘full back’ and then when I was older, I played centre (Club rugby). Rugby is a (game) and as such the result can go obviously ‘either way’ - (I ‘shied away’ from others who might think of me as a ‘rugger b*gger!’ - but ‘some you win and some you lose’


I once dated a hooker…


I never played in ‘the scrum’, I was not strong enough more a sprinter (that’s another reason that I hate MS)