Don't forget early start tomorrow ............

Hiya It’s here again! Another World Cup. This time it is rugby and England kick off saturday morning live from New Zealand at 9:30 am. I’ll be up and ready but I might skip the beer and just stick to cornflakes and toast at that time. LOL! Marty

Forgot it was on!!! I am not sure I will make it. I did ok with the ashes this year but I have started to take amitryptaline since then. May see if I can manage it. Strudders

Hi Marty, so you are a rugby fan. Well enjoy the match tomorrow, Scotland are there too , but Nicky Walker is injured so not there, correct me if I am wrong. Why not enjoy a beer while you watch, even if it is early, lol Cheryl:)

I thought you meant getting up in time to get to the MS AGM at the Plaza Hotel Heathrow :lol: Forgot the rugger was on. Maybe they will have it showing on TV in the hotel :!:

Hiya 10 mins to go to kick off!! Marty

Hope you enjoyed the match. See they managed a win, as did Scotland. Just wondered if you had a beer while you watched, lol. Cheryl:)