England v Germany

England are going to beat Germany today! If you say otherwise you are either Scottish, Welsh, Irish or German. Come on ENGLAND!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or just maybe, you dont want to be reading or hearing about an England win every 5 minutes on TV , radio & newspapers for the rest of our lives :unamused:

At least if Germany win it will be front page news for a day of two and then hushed away.

Plus I’m a proud Taffy, so I guess you know who I’ll be cheering.
But just to be sportsmanlike, good luck and may the best team win.

dewch ar yr Almaen. (Google it ) :clap: :rofl:

Just to rile you up a bit, is this about soccer? That funny game of kickball into a net?

Strange that, yes it’s ‘soccer’ (as you call in in the States). We call it football (very different game to your football). And some of us don’t give a #¥%* who wins.


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Well, I think it’s going to be 2-1 to Germany. Unless England hang on long enough so it goes to penalties - which we’ll then lose. Haven’t forgotten who is now England manager and his reputation when it comes to penalties!

Does it make all the front page news in Wales when England win?? Or are you living in England? Tbh I think we will lose 3-1 germans will be organised, disciplined and pick us apart after 30 mins.

Original football! Americans copy everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

lol. We weren’t even familiar with your soccer when I was little, but it’s gained in popularity here. Little boys play baseball, and the girls do soccer.

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1 word: Lawnfairies


For pizza ads, I mean!

Think Kilyan Mbappe is getting the contract this year!

Yeah it does, cos all the printing is done in England.

In fairness, you have to admit that this tournament is Englands best chance, they dare not blow it, every game at home, no traveling abroad to other venues, all their training on home turf, 40,000 home fans allowed in the crowd cheering, the UK government has bent the Covid rules for a bloody football game, come on, it’s on a plate for them to take.

Wales were allowed less than 100 tickets to watch their last game against Denmark, and that was only because the Welsh fans had residence in the country, no travelling fans due to Covid restrictions because Wales is not in the EU !

Oh well 2 nil to England .
Cant win em all eh !
Guess I’ll not be going to the newsagents in the morning. :rofl:

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Well, that was unexpected and a pleasant surprise! I was shouting at the telly, though… for 'eavens sake lads, get organised and sort the set pieces and finishing skills! And they eventually did.Which was good. I do like the Beautiful Game when it’s played…er… beautifully. (But being a Canary girl at heart and also follow England Cricket team, I have become accustomed to disappointment… :wink: )


Yea Wales got a raw deal this euros, not been fair at all. Played well against Turkey but Denmark looked organised and less tired. England will prob go on and lose to Sweden or Ukraine! Everyone knows England will bottle it at some point.

Southgate tactical genius tbf we are defending better than anyone this tournament! Like to see grealish start next match

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lol i could hear the cheering in all the houses in my little bungalow lol. Go England took 50 years but they got there in the end. Now will they beat the next lot.

I think its a proud day actually. I bet merkel was spitting feathers lol.

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Biting my lip as I say this, but I think England will go all the way now.

I have to say they were 2 nice goals, (lip is really hurting now) :grin:

Be nice to see “lower” graded team win, but If England play like they did second half of yesterdays game I think they’ll have, and would deserve it, (now drawn blood from lip) :joy:

Like to hear honesty from a Welshman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was not expecting that performance! I thought we were beating the lesser teams and we would crumble against a decent side. Southgate has this team organised, defending superb! And fearless. Having said that, watch us bottle It against Ukraine :man_facepalming::rofl:

Ps did you buy a paper today?

Is it because they are a younger team? I was talking to my site manager who is welsh and he was extactic as he follows England lol, his dad he said was not amused when wales lost.

If they go against Italy well i take the 5th, as i am half italian and can swing both ways ha ha.x