I managed to get out last night after sitting in a darkened room all day read about it here

Today I was knackered and didnt get up till lunch time, I know I only sat in the car but my legs were throbbing today and I slept till 12:00 they actually felt as if they has their own heart beat. I am sitting here now with the curtains pulled the windows and doo0rs open and footie on tellie. My legs still hurt and movement is bad but not as bad as last night when we got back from the donkeys etc. I had trouble getting in the wheelchair and Heather took ages to get my legs to bend. Mexico have got a free kick on the edge of the box so I am signing off. Don

Did anyone see the match tonight? I was shout for the Netherlands as I thought they were the under dogs, how ring was l ? I am definitely signing off now it’s after 12 and if you have ever seen me you will know I need my beauty sleep.

Don. CYA tomorrow folks England playing tomorrow night.

I watched the match. I’m not a usual football fan but having time on my hands I’ve decided to watch and try to follow most of it. I’ve always rooted for Holland whenever I’ve seen them play and last nights match was a joy to watch…unless you were supporting Spain! Jan

I didn’t see the match hoppity, I have seen a pic of you though. Have a long sleep…hahaha :slight_smile: Sorry!! Couldn’t resist that one :slight_smile:

Jan snap I rooted for Holland and it was great to see Spain loose

Noreen Did you think I was the one with his bum to the camera or the other one?

Columbia Beat Greece YAH I am on a roll with picking the winners


It’s a fine bottom you’ve got Don

Will be watching England tonight…gonna be noisy in this town

Talking of bottoms…what’s with the shorts! I’m just glad their wearing undies… Jan

They were ohh natural but a nice pair