England v Germany

No paper, no Sky news, curtains drawn, radio in the duck pond.

Wait till the world cup, we’ll be there, you just watch.
The whole team will be in the third row behind the goal watching :crazy_face:

Next time you see your manager buy him a coffee…
And "accidentally " tip it on his lap… :rage:

A swinging both ways Italian Chick.

I think this site is starting to grow on me :grin:

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Jactac mate, have you heard???

…its coming home! :crazy_face:

Dont rub it in buddy :stuck_out_tongue:

I go to sleep with that bloody tune in my head, I wake up with it still there :unamused:

But if we put the footy to one side, and there was a competition for National Anthems, you have to admit that our Welsh one would be a winner each time.

I got goose bumps just thinking it about it now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nah, the French knew how to do it properly when it comes to National Anthems. Jaunty and uplifting and just a little bit bloodthirsty. Maybe the Welsh would come second… both better than the dirge which is ours!

Ohhh, good shout.
My father likes the french anthem as well.

But he’s deaf in one ear, and I’m biased :shushing_face:


Wow what a match score nearly straight away 4 - 0 ukraine…

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My favourite national anthem is that one where it goes… its coming home, its coming home, footballs coming home! 3 lions on a shirt! That one

Your’er a lovely chap, but have thought about getting your ears tested :hear_with_hearing_aid: :rofl:

Queen Lizzy will be dishing out OBE’s like smarties now :smirk:

Thoughts my friend? You read today’s papers?? :rofl:

Oh mate, come on, you have to admit that was not a penalty :astonished:

Sterling played for the penalty and got it, but it really was a poor decision by the ref, mostly likely having 60,000 English fans screaming at him to point to the spot didn’t help, and only a handful of Denmark fans trying their best to disagree whilst avoiding flares and lasers. :worried:

I like Sterling as a player, but that was an almost direct dive, he’s now gone down in my estimations.

The first goal was own goal, but I’ll give you that one cos Sterling would of most likely got to the ball anyway.

Now though, getting onto the papers, yeah I’ve read them, they are full of how Kasper Schmeichel was blinded by as laser from those so called English “fans”, just as Harry Kane was about to kick the ball from the penalty spot.

All jokes aside, it was disgusting behaviour by the English fans to boo the Denmark anthem, especially after what happened to Christian Eriksen.

I get the chanting back and fore between fans, but booing and setting off flares during anthems is foul behaviour, (excuse the pun).

Anyway, the Italians are looking pretty good, but I think once again England will have the home advantage, and the Italian keeper will need sunglasses cos those pesky lasers are a nightmare :sunglasses:

Soft penalty yes… but still a penalty. If that was outside the box it would have been a freekick. Var even checked the decision and agreed. He caught his leg end of.

Kane was wiped out before that which was 100% a penalty, so even if sterling’s wasn’t then its evened its self out in the end. We were the far better team on the night and deserved to win that game of football.

Denmarks freekick wasn’t a freekick, it was softer than sterling’s penalty decision.

I don’t like the booing either, it needs to be stamped out. We have our anthem booed when we are playing in other countries.

Agreed about the laser, disgusting behaviour. Seen it done many times by other national teams and in prem matches ect. Hope they find him and ban him for life. I seen the laser on his face it didn’t enter his eyes. No way that laser effected him he saved the penalty.

Italy look good, think they might do us. Our pace against an older Italian defence might bring it home.

the trouble is no one knew who did it so it could have been anyone with a grudge to Denmark who knows weirder things have happened but it is a stupid thing to do.

Exactly. No way it effected him anyway. He saved the penalty. Its not like he ran over to the ref and said i was blinded.bhe didn’t even notice the laser

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He did mention the laser to the ref during the pre penalty talk, at least thats what the media are saying ?

Dont matter who used the laser, the ref needed to take it into consideration IF it was mentioned.

The vast opinion on the penalty, even with English biased pundits is that it was controversial to say the least.
Anyway whats done is done.

So whats your thoughts on the ridiculous idea being tossed around by the media of having a bronze statue erected of Southgate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When I first heard it on the radio I honestly thought the newsreader was just taking the P**s, but then I saw it mentioned on the news next day.

All these honours, medals and bulls**t being dished out for stuff like this is an insult to the doctors and nurses through out the country who are fighting tooth & nail for a decent pay rise and recognition.
Queen Lizzy needs to have a good think about how insulting it is the next time she pins a medal on the chest of a footy “hero” :angry:
Then again it must be tough to be earning £3m per year, having to stand on a sideline for 90 mins and then pose for a statue to be made, bless his little heart eh !

So back o the game tomorrow.
I think England will win, it’s on home turf, they are playing well, VAR when England play is as useful as a TV without a plug, and sales of lasers have gone through the roof… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Kasper made a cracking save for the penalty, he was unlucky. Laser had no effect at all.

I’ve just looked at the foul on kane in the 73rd minute again and it was 100% a penalty. So probably why the softer one on Stirling was given. Denmarks free kick was never a free kick, they were all grabbing eachother.

No matter how you look at it england deserved to win that match.

Statue :rofl::rofl: no chance! If he wins the world Cup and the euros then yes.

Oh mate,
No statue honestly, not even for a World cup…

It’s a load of B******S, this hero talk about football players, and thats not just England, it’s any country, but England do tend to go overboard with this sort of tripe.

The word hero and medal giving is banded around these days for too easily, it really winds me up, especially for something like football.
Gary Lineker kept calling Harry Kane a nations hero when the Euros started, for God’s sake get a life…

He then went on to talk about football academies for youngsters, and was enough money being ploughed into these types of places, Roy Keane took the wind out of his sails when he told him that the English FA had more money available to them for academies than the whole of Ireland had available to spend on dementia & mental health issues, Lineker looked a right t**t, saying “lets not make this political” and moved swiftly on. :flushed: :rofl:

As someone who has lost 2 very close mates in Afghanistan a few years, who were real hero’s, and yet the family still cant mention their names due to the nature of their “job” during the conflict, I find this “celebrity heroism” an absolute insult to the men & women, not just in the armed forces, but also doctors ,nurses, police, fire, every role in fact that people do to help us “normal” people live , survive and stay safe.

Anyway lets not make this political eh, as Gary Winston Lineker OBE would say. :smirk:

So, good luck for tomorrow, may the best team win with no ducking & diving, which might be difficult cos Italy are a match for any team when it comes to dodgy diving.

I’ll probably watch it, but I’ll have Pavarotti on in my headphones and a bowl of pasta on my lap, so you can guess who I’ll be cheering. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well buddy I wont gloat, but overall I think Italy deserved.
England just seemed to hold back a little when they scored that goal so early on, it caught Italy cold but England failed to capitalise on it.
Second half Italy were clearly the better side.

It was a schoolboy error for Southgate to bring those players on with only 2 minutes remaining just to take penalties, they needed time on pitch to get warm up and have a feel for the ball, far too much pressure to be thrown straight in for penalties, silly move and one I think he’ll learn from.
Both goalies though were very very good.

I must say though, I was disappointed when the medals were being presented, if Wales or Scotland had manage to get through to the Euro finals I really do think both teams would of cherished those silver medals far far more than those English players who took the medals off from around their necks as soon as they were placed there.
It was like they were saying it’s below them, something a spoilt child would do.
I fully get their disappointment, I really do, but show some respect.

It was disrespectful to Italy, the tournament and all the other teams who fought hard to get to the final.

And what is it about some English fans who again are still acting like disrespectful thugs ?

Why on earth do they think they have the right to fight their way in without tickets ?
Isn’t Wembley supposed to be the home of football ?
So why use it like a pub car park for a mass brawl ?

I haven’t turned on the news yet or read the papers but I can imagine that it wont be about Italy winning, it’ll be more about why England lost.

Never mind, thats the English media I guess, but thuggish fans and spoilt players are not helping to get the WHOLE of the UK behind them.

Sorry buddy.


So now it’s also racial online abuse , just sickening.