England (not ms)

I am fully backing our boys for tonight…COME ON ENGLAND.

Pam x

Me too, if I can stay awake, so pleased BBC are showing it. COME ON ENGLAND… Jan

I hope we pick a team based on current ability and not reputation, and we might actually get a bit of entertainment. I agree, the coverage on the BBC is far superior and no unwanted adverts either.

No adverts…good, but the best bit …no Adrian Chiles. Lol

Pam x

It’s worth the license fee not to listen to Adrian Chile’s.

Watching as I type.

Well… I think a draw would have been a fair result, and if we’d won it wouldn’t have been robbery. Still, the main thing is, we played some nice football and didn’t disgrace ourselves. All I ask of both my teams, Watford and England.

Hi Don, huge bonus not to have to listen to Adrian Chile’s!

I agree KeV, they did play well, unlucky not to get a draw, or even a win, but I am optimistic, always am.

Looking forward to Thursday, but lots to watch before then.

Pam x

Yah we played well and could have nicked it but we didnt as you say Thursdays coming and wont be easy but do able

Thursday v. Uruguay; expect the score sheet at the end to list Liverpool players only.

Engerland…made in Anfield

I just knew it would be my team players come out on top, to me Raheen Sterling played fantastic. Looking forward to Thursday, I still believe.

Pam x

This ain’t gonna be too long a thread, is it? For me I’m looking forward to next season in the Championship. The most entertaining, competitive league in the land, and removed from the hype and obscene wealth of the Premier League which allows us to put a team of losers like that. End rant

You are so right KeV…this thread is done and dusted, but to say I am not gutted would be a lie, I was one of the few who were optimistic, cos this time we had some young blood.

I do think they need to get rid of the over estimated, overpaid and uninterested players and perhaps look at the lower leagues who have lots of hungry players, give them a shot.

I agree the championship is the tight league, and here’s hoping my main team can get back there in the new season (Bristol City).

At least now with the world cup I can pick and choose what I want to watch, and take it or leave it.

Pam x

England have been trying for years to match Spain and now they finally have their wish.

You got it in one Whammel lol

Pam x

Pam, I shall definitely keep an eye on Brizzle City’s results next season, they do belong in the Championship at least. Big city, and 2 clubs who are underachieving in a big way (but I don’t suppose you’re bothered about the blue lot!

Kev x

KeV, please don’t mention the Pirates…in my eyes there is only OTIB ( one team in Bristol)… Come on you Robins.

Pam x

Not a Gashead then??

I’m probably going to get hated by many of you for this but I’m going to say what upsets me… The footballers get these stupidly high salaries while they get knocked out of world competitions (not even necessarily this year’s early defeat) while Olympians who get gold medals battle for sponsorship and most people in the essential services (police, medical, fire etc) keep getting their budgets cut, we fight for every penny we get even though we worked really hard and paid our NI and many of the working population end up in food banks for parcels.

There just seems to be something not quite right to me. Sorry, rant over. I know many of you will disagree with my view but I just get so wound up. Please don’t hate me, I needed to get that off my chest.

Cath xx

Totally agree, Cath. Well said. It has to be said it’s only really the Premiership players who get the silly money because of the TV income. Clubs have to be far more realistic about wages the further down the leagues you go. Still, it’s good money for a young man. But as you say, out of proportion with the important jobs that people do for us.