Been advised......(football)

Hello Wembley ! How are you all ??? I put a post on Everyday Living asking if anyone fancies joining a league on sky fantasy football. Jan advised me to put a post on here too. Open to all. Marathon not a sprint and all that…let me know… (k.o. in two weeks) Thanks for your time. Andy.

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Goodship M.S.S. Premier. Pin 8132262.

No takers Andy, I notice things are moving on Everyday living

Jan (supporters club) x

Hey Jan, was worth a try… we currently have a league of 5 (including one lady)… week to go. Should I mention it’s FREE to play ? Bit of fun …

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Sorry Andy, I understand the off side rule but that’s it when it comes to football so I have to decline. But it was a lovely thought, thank you. I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you, if it was anything I knew anything about I’d probably have joined in.


Hey Min, how are yer ? A lot of the refs don’t seem to understand the offside rule either !!! Luckily, you don’t need to. Points are awarded for appearing, scoring, assists and keeping clean sheets. At the start it’s about budgeting (£75 million for 11 players), then it’s luck and timing. Don’t even need to kick a ball ! Come and have a go, you never know… (and sometimes it’s best to ignore me… :wink: ) take care, Andy


I’m glad its not a sprint none of us on here would have a chance,

Have put a team in, it wll help pass the time till Leeds United get there next year :slight_smile:

Dew yew want sum o’yor bors back, bor ??? :wink: (We’ll keep Bradley tho !)

No thanks you proved to us they weren’t good enough to keep a team in the premier :slight_smile:

Ha ha ! Right you are, thou Bradley helped get us back. Always liked Becchio (?), though they’d never play him ! He was always a pain when we played you… Have things settled down at Elland Road ? I hear stuff every now and then on Talksport… (not so) fun and games… Get a team(s) in. Chop and change before ko, then 40 transfers for season. (Unfortunately biter Suarez doesn’t play for Liverpool anymore. I always stuck him as captain when he played us, he was good for about 60 points in one game!)… Andy

Cool, you’re in !!! We (you, jay and I) doing the big unveil on the 8th. …??? (I’m in a work league so I keep it hidden till ko… sad but true )

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Roll on a week on Saturday…I so miss the football, and have been an avid supporter of Bristol City for more years than I care to remember, seen both good and bad times, but always stuck with them.

In the premiership I think the “special one” will do well again, even though I always cheer for Liverpool.

Enjoy the fantasy football all of you who are doing it.

Pam x

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