just wondering. ......(football)

So it’s that time of the year again when grown men think they know better (stop it ladys) than managers up and down the country… are there any wannabe football managers on this group ? I do sky sports fantasy football, and I’m in a league at work. Was thinking I could set up a league for people on here if anyone’s interested ? Just a bit of fun and kills some time (till next May…)… Admin Stewart, Val, are you in ? Let me know if anyone’s interested. Take care all, Andy.

Hi Andy

I’m always in a couple leagues on the Premier League’s official fantasy footy. Never do very well, but I’d be up for joining in.


Excellent. That’s two ! I’ll put links up once I get on big puter. (Currently on my phone)

I fancy it if us ladies are allowed .


Of course. The more the merrier. We’re not taking the Fifa stance here. Tight shorts need not be worn… Two teams are allowed. You can have them hidden or on show. (On show is better once the season starts as then mickey taking can commence on any donkeys chosen ) :wink:

Oh, any league names welcomed as well

You wouldn’t wont to see me in tight shorts belive me, but game for anything else.


Count me in.


Ok, try this one - ​

Brilliant idea a bit of competition never hurt anyone, I won’t be joining, tried it once a number of years ago and I was useless. I’ll follow the comments with interest have fun everyone.

Jan x


Not stopping me - no idea on football but give it a go. Waiting for fantasy rugby.


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How are yer?

Basically, pick 11 players, preferably from Chelsea, man city, man utd, arsenal and liverpool…There’s a £75 million budget to buy your 11 from. It’s about budgeting I guess… Through the season they list the players in order of points, so change the ones that don’t score, and put in the ones that do. Pretty much that simple!!

It’s just a larf…

Hope you’re well.

Take care,


I appreciate the encouragement guys, I’ll still give it a miss thanks

You might get a few takers from the Primary Progressive Forum, not everyone reads all the forums so some might miss this thread.

Good luck.

Jan x

Knowing very little about football- and so unlikely to pick a good team, feel I’d be rubbish at this BUT ver nice to be asked and hope it’s a huge success.

Stewart (admin)

Well l hope you get lots of ladies applying. They are less likely to roll about crying when they think they have been tackled unfairly. Screaming - ‘‘He Twipped me Wef’’.

Also, their ball skills are second to none.


Hi Andy, put me down, especially as I will win, with either, Celtic or Celtic reserves, Brian

Hi Andy,

Seen as Ms has given me time of work. I might as well have a go with the footie.

What do I have to do ?

Do I have to wait for you to make a league before I make my squad ?

Hello Irons. How are yer ? Nope, just go to the fantasy football link, register your details (they don’t bombard you with rubbish) and set up your teams. I’ll set up a league for us (I’ll put the name and pin up here) then you just click the join league button. You can set up two teams, and join as many leagues as you want. (I’m currently in work’s league and Ncfc league)… Keep an eye on the new posts on this thread. …Take care, Andy

Hello Corrie, how are yer ? Unfortunately fantasy football is only English prem. prima donnas. You can put in an only Scotsman team thou… Take care, Andy

Ok. It’s done. Goodship M.S.S. Premier. Pin : 8132262