Transfer Window

That damned transfer window. To any Man U fans out there, welcome to the cutting edge of transfer indecision otherwise known as Dithering Dave. Disappointed with Hawwy. I know he’s down a league but I’d have expected more. Does he only sign players who’ve played for him before. As for Arsenal, that’s the way to do it. Watch out for Gerard Deufaleu and James McCarthy! Best wishes, Steve.

Eh? wot? who?

perchance tis footy lingo!


As a relapsing remitting Arsenal fan (check the scores when I remember which ain’t too often) I was so glad to see sundays result especially with Levy shouting his mouth off about putting one over on the gooners - we showed them where it matters - on the pitch.

This whole transfer thing is a pain, we have the problem that almost every player we are interested in seems to be targetted by other teams as soon as it becomes known. What with so many big teams getting new managers, it should be an interesting season.

See - girls do know about football. I even understand the offside rule


No Kell, the purse/shoe/till/throw rule is MUCH more appealing!


it is if I end up with a new pair of shoes!! And I actually do need some new shoes.

I recently lost some weight and before I always wore a size 7 - now I can fit into a 5!! I’m 5ft 6.5 for goodness sake - I should have bigger feet than size 5!!! Thats my excuse for falling over - nothing to do with MS, I’ve got big boobs and small feet, I’m just unbalanced!!


Try the Surrey MSS Branch, I expect there will be lots of them there.

Hiya Kell. I buy a size chuffin 8 now! I have to allow for swelling. So these massive clodhoppers stick far out from my wheelies footrests and thats what causes my poor toenails to get crumpled all the time.

Enjoy that gorgeous new figure!