Ever expanding size

7 years ago I was a size 6-8. Now in a wheelchair, I bought a size 14 coat today :frowning: :frowning: trying not to think about it.

womens clothing sizes really ARE just a number, your size 14 will be a 12 or possibly a 10 elsewhere, it is a 14 over other clothes, ignore it, I do, |I have a T shirt that is allegedly a size 16 (La Perla, got it in a sale, probably the reason!) and at the same time a dress from Zara that’s a size 6, I have in the past had size 4 (UK) jeans (didn’t even know they existed! and found size 0 (US) too big, if it fits and you like it, it really doesn’t matter what the label says they think it is! Not sure at the moment what size different retailers think I am, it’s more the shape and proportion I have trouble with, I still have to chop about 4 inches off some shops so called ‘petite’ trousers, you know the ones for people under 5’12"!..If it looks the right size I try it on, no matter what the label says.

Alison x

Size 14…I bloomin’ wish!

I’d just cut the labels out :slight_smile: who’d know what size you were then xx

i’de love to be a size 14 lol. Anyway, size doesn’t matter. It’s who you are on the inside that’s important. People come in all different sizes, don’t let it get you down, you are beautiful just as you are, love Bex xxx

hello, well I do understand that needing a size 14 to someone who was a smaller size, feels horrendous.

I have lost around 2.5 stones, by following slimming world plan.

i was size 22/24 and now buy 18/20.

20 years ago, i lost 7 stones with Weight watchers. i kept it off for 5 years, then this stinking desease got me and i gained the 7stones back again.

Innit a chuff?

luv Pollx

Since I’ve had MS, I’ve lost around 4 stone, maybe because my speech and swallowing were so bad, and my husband had to cut all my food up cos my right hand stopped working. My eating was sooo slow that everyone else had finished before me and then I got embarrassed as they were waiting for me.

A “friend” who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years said “oh, you’ve lost loads of weight, you’re really lucky to have caught MS”!!

My reply is unprintable…but I was very upset by the comment.

Some people!

M x

14 is not so big, surely? I thought the UK average was 16?

I’ve been both a size 8, and a size 14, and I have to say I think I look better as a 14 - especially now I’m a lady “of a certain age”

I was never anorexic or anything - just naturally small, in my 20s. But I think if I went back to that size now, people would say I look ill (even though I am).

At the moment, I’m hovering between a 12 and a 14, which is annoying, as 14s - particularly trousers - are starting to gape on me, but 12s are still a bit too tight. I don’t much care which way it goes, as long as I get past this phase of nothing fitting properly.

And yes, a coat is usually a size up from my normal clothes anyway, because I might want to wear a bulky jumper under it.


Shame they dont do a size 13, eh? It annoys me when they do size 16/18 or 20/22.

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