Hi everyone

My children and grandchildren are on the train to Wembley, as our football team, Bristol City, are in the final of Johnsons Paint Trophy, very excited.

Would I be with them if I didn’t have ms?..hell yes, I would be first in the queue! But am now unable to cope with a very long day.

Consequently, today I hate ms with a passion, only consolation it is on sky, so I can watch the game, but miss out on the fantastic atmosphere.

Sorry if this sounds like woe is me, but b****y ms is the pits.

Pam. X

Hello Pam.

Going to football is a thing of the past for me as well. I went to the old Wembley 7 times (could be more) in the eighties. I also managed over 50 football league grounds. A lot of them have been replaced with shiny new stadiums now but I still think back with a bit of pride at the actual achievement. The old Plough Lane, The Manor Ground and Elm Park (Wimbledon, Oxford and Reading respectively) stick out as particularly memorable.

At least Sky do a lot of televised games but I do miss the whole thing.

Best wishes, Steve. x

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Never mind Pam, you can still follow your team just differently. I’m West Country so on your side. Love Sue x

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They won…yippee, also made history today being the first team ever to win this trophy 3 times, well done Bristol City you did us proud.

Thanks must also go to Walsall in providing a good game, fought by both sides in very well mannered match.

Pam x

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Well done City! What a great season you’re having!

if you ever get another chance to go to Wembley again, take it if you can. We went season before last for the play off final v Palace, and as a wheelchair user I was knocked out by the facilities and stewarding for the disabled. It was a lovely sunny May day and we (Watford) had the sunny end. Guardian described it as though one half of Wembley had been splashed with custard!

Of course, it isn’t so far for us from MK, and I was pooped by the end of the day, and we lost, but it was great to be back with my own football family, which I miss so much after 51 years of following the 'Orns.

Like Steve, I remember the old Wembley; the new one is so much better.

could be promotion for both of us this year!

Kev x

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Hi KeV

I would loved to have gone, but the long journey is now not possible, but never say never.

I did go to the old Wembley, had a fantastic time , my grandchildren have told me so much about the new Wembley, as you can imagine, they had a whale of a time.

This season is well for both of us, fingers crossed for the rest of it, I have supported City since the year dot, through good and bad times.

Pam x

Kev, I was at the 1984 cup final-not supporting Watford however. The new Wembley sounds encouraging, maybe one day. I’ve only been to Vicarage Road once for a night league cup replay in 1991-awful game which went to extra time. Memories! Can you and Pam send some winning vibes up to Goodison Park-it’s a bit far from here in East Sussex.

Best wishes, Steve.

I was there in 1984 too. Great day out despite the result ( and Andy Gray DID foul Steve Sherwood, but I’ve nearly got over that now ). Always had a soft spot for Everton anyway, so consider good vibes sent!

i remember some England games at the old stadium too. Anyway, as I say, the new place is very comfortable for us less mobile types now. Vicarage Road has changed a lot since you were there, too, though they still fall short of the standard requirements for wheelchair provision. But my main problem with the thought of watching any game now is that I can’t manage at all if it is at all chilly.


Pam I remember collapsing at Margate football ground as a new ms’er plus getting double fission during one match. We give into ME but it takes away a blooming lot I loved my football. Well done Bristol City.

I only went to Wembley once as a schoolboy. Never discovered football until later life. But I liked running and was picked to run for Kent but discovered beer and women but that’s another story.


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I think a lot of teenage boys suddenly discover girls and the like, and low and behold sports takes a back seat!! I suppose it happens to females as well, but I am not going to admit to that lol

I have always loved football, and supported Bristol City for more years that I care to remember, gone through good and bad times together.

Ms does do these things to annoy uus, but like you and others, I so miss going and feeling the atmosphere, good job I got a TV!

Hope today is better for you.

Pam x

Hi all.

Not been on here for a while and was trawling through past posts.

On the sporting events theme, have a look at Stadium:MK in Milton Keynes.

Lovely modern ground. Very disabled friendly and very family friendly. I’m no supporter, but I’ve been a couple of times and wouldn’t go anywhere else now.

Plenty of parking, plenty of loos (!!!) and a wonderful view of the pitch.

They’re not a bad side either.


Hi Ali

Although I haven’t been to that stadium, my Son has, and he told me about it afterwards, he says d it was fantastic, so never say never, I may visit one day.

Pam x

Congratulations on promotion.

Good to see the old “big” clubs having a renaissance.

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Mentioning Wembley took me down memory lane…

Recently on a rugby league website, former St Helens player and pundit Ray French recalls through BBC archive footage the rugby league challenge cup final between Wigan and St Helens 1961 and Tom van Vollenhovens try as his choice as ‘greatest ever’ try scored.

I was there as a 10-year-old when something else significant happened.
My mother, father and myself went to Wembley on a charabanc (along with another 100,000 people…) and we were in
an elevated position behind the posts. It was so hot that my mother fainted and had to be carried down to the St John’s ambulance staff pitch side and then on a stretcher to the first aid tent at the far end of the ground, my father going along with them.

It was of course a bit traumatic for me watching them disappearing into the distance but I saw my father walking back along the touchline and was just about level with the try line as Tom went over. He was within a metre of him
Looking at the video I can briefly see my father unaware of the excitement going on beside him. The archive footage is of course in black and white and people dressed up, as in suits and tie and rosettes and rattles. Even the referee can be seen wearing a blazer!

I mentioned it to my mother recently who didn’t remember anything about it at all and it is nearly 50 years since I have been in touch with my father so it is unlikely that anyone can corroborate my experience.

I can also remember having a sore chin for ages after as the massive rosette I was wearing kept scratching my chin!
Every time Saints playing Wigan is mentioned I rub my chin to this day as I am doing now as they are currently playing. It’s too exciting to watch however so I’m sending this instead, by way of distraction! (Alas , currently 10-8 to Wigan)


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Second that, Al.

I went some years back (pre ms) when Watford played a preseason friendly there. It’s just down the road from me.

Loads of good wheelchair seating around the top of the lower tier, which is accessed directly from the spacious concourse, which itself is accessed directly from the carpark at the away supporters’ end. Don’t know how that works at the other end where the entrances are lower due to the sloping ground- but I should think there are lifts. Whatever you think about franchise football and Pete Winkelman, the ground is a credit to MK and the club.


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