Hi everyone

I thought with these dark and grey days with the weather (and MS) I would tell you a true story that is heartwarming.

As some of you already know I am a lifetime supporter of Bristol City football team (well, somebody has to) and one of their fans called Oskar is 6 and has cerebral palsy, and he uses a power chair.

He has been interviewed at Ashton Gate on a few occasions, and his greatest wish is to walk, but the operation he needs cannot be done here, but can be done in America, costing £50,000. So for the last year and a bit. fans and players have been doing all different things to raiise funds.

Last year when the target had almost been raised Bristol City were playing at home against Preston, and buckets were passed all around the ground, and with Preston fans help as well, Oskar’s target was reached.

Oskar and his Mum and Dad went to America, he had his operation and came home, where he has been having physio and working hard.

Next Tuesday evening Bristol City are at home to Preston, and it is planned that Oskar will walk out in front of his beloved reds, resulting in a very emotional Ashton Gate, thunderous applause and deafening singing of his name.


Oskar, I have everything crossed that your plan comes together, and that you go from strength to strength…go Oskar.

Pam x


Pan, what a lovely post it gave me a lump in my throat. Fingers crossed for Tuesday night there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

ann x

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Ah, same good news, always happy to hear some of that

Sonia x

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Iv got an underactive thyroid and experiencee the extreme fatigue with constant runs due to crohns disease, its not nice and yes very draining.

Someone i used to work with had an overactive thyroid and decided to have her thyroid removed to avoid the side affects of the other treatments, she decided on this because she wanted to have more children.She was quite unwell for a time but made a full recovery.

Hope nina gets the support and guidance she might need and plenty of rest even if sleep is not possible.

Thyoiduk are very supportive if and when nina feels upto it.


There is an awful amount of good in this not so good world of ours. I hope Oskar continues to improve and has a fab time at the game.

Jan x

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Thanks Christine.

I see the consultant on the 20th with a view to having radioactive iodine treatment. I’m not awfully keen on the idea but my Dr seems to think that my levels are too high to be dealt with by medication. Hopefully that will do the trick and I won’t have to have it removed.

thanks for the info,

Nina X

What a wonderful story Pam!

I wish Oskar all the luck in the world on Tuesday.

Nina x


What a lovely story Pam. There are a lot of lovely people who should get more recognition. It’s so sad that most of the news etc focuses mostly on the bad people. Hope you’re all okay.

Cath x

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That’s brilliant Pam. And you nearly did it against West Brom today.

Best wishes, Steve. x

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Oh bless! Really hope he enjoys his night. There won’t be a dry eye in the place.

its lovely to here good news stories. We have had terrible flooding in the NE Scotland in the last few days but the community spirit has been amazing. We’re ok but some of the towns and villages round about have not been so lucky. Awful! And guess what? It’s started raining again.

Mags xx

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Mags it’s awful isn’t it? I’m in the Lakes and the end of December was like that here. I don’t think we saw blue sky for at least two weeks and after that it was patchy. I hope you stay dry and safe.

Cath x

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Hi Anne

Yes, it is a lump in the throat time, and plenty of tissues will be needed.

Pam x

Hi Sonia

Yes, that’s what I thought, most like good news to raise everyone’s spirit.

Pam x

Hi Jan

Your right, its always the bad things that get noticed, and there is such a lot of good news stories to be written about, but they sometimes don’t get a mention.

Pam x

Hi Nina

He has such a cheeky little face, melts everyone’s heart.

Hope your feeling better.

Pam x

Hi Cath

I totally agree with you, and I thought this lovely story would help to raise everyone’s spirit.

Hope your feeling better, you must be very careful not to overdo things…it will all still be there another day.

Pam x

Hi Steve

It is a truly lovely story, and I so hope his wish comes true, dreams and aspirations are so necessary.

My son went to the match, and said the free kick what gave the baggies a draw, was the last kick of the match! Bit like Man. U and their penalty. Never mind, Bristol City played well, and everyone is happy when they give their all.

Pam x

Hi Mags

Yes, I think plenty of tissues will be the order of the day, whatever the outcome.

I have been watching the news about the floods, truly awful for the people affected, its about time the government got their act together, and stop keep on with the cuts.

Stay dry and safe.

Pam x

Pam, what an uplifting story! Good for City fans. Football clubs are like a big family, and despite the bad press they get when a few idiots get out of hand, the great majority of supporters are good, caring people.

Fingers crossed for Oskar. (And for City, hope they can make some upward progress too.)

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That’s so true KeV, you only ever hear of the few idiots, but the vast majority of fans, of all clubs, are just passionate about their team.

Unfortunately, I can’t go tonight, by evening I have well and truly passed my “selll by date” but my son is, and hopefully will get something on his phone, but I will report on how Oskar gets on.

Hope all is OK for you.

Pam x