Is it coming home?

Serious question guys. I keep hearing whispers in the streets of England that it’s “coming home” could this be true or shall I just ignore it?


Erm, of course it is! You have to believe, keep the faith. What’s your prediction for Saturday?


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Right if I’m being completely honest then no. We will get beat by a team that we are clear favourites over. I think we will bottle it for one game. So hope I’m wrong. Perfect chance this year to win it. Tell me I’m wrong Sharon please!!

Think Ukraine could do us 2-1. Think Southgate will make one too many changes

I predict 2-0 and Sterling to score the double!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: anyway. Ha ha

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?when was the last time it came home? They’ve, usually aspirational men have been threatening. I like to watch the delusion burst, listening to the ‘we was robbed’ but would like to believe.


Come on!!! Denmark do look good tho :rofl:

Who cares… I mean, really, it’s just a game of football.
Personally I think the tournament should’ve been cancelled, the real Euro’s winner has been COVID…

Literally millions of people care buddy. It brings people together, it helps people forget about their personal problems and worries, even if it is for a short time.

Hope it’s coming home (Spain) jeje


Tough match against Italy tomorrow. Goodluck

It just might be coming home…

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