A BIG day for MERSEYSIDE ..........

Hiya Folks

Can my Everton team win against the old rivals Liverpool in the FA cup tomorrow?

Can my horse win tomorrow in the Grandnational?

Can I fix a new letter box to a door? Erm … nope…Let my wife try tomorrow me thinks!

Exciting times ahead!

Marty the Toffee

Dont forget euro millions aswell

Hi Marty

As a fellow football supporter I wish you good luck tomorrow…but…my heart is in your opposition, sorry.

Whatever the outcome, let’s both hope for a good friendly game.


Aloha Marty…I’m hoping it won’t be a day for ‘Bluenoses’…no disrespect to you la but I’m hoping The Redmen triumph…

good luck with the Gee-Gees tho’


Guido The Red


Have you seen…

‘Scousers on Wembley Way (Knock-A-Door Dash Remix)’ by Jamie Broad…on Youtube

Hi Marty, well in our office football sweeper for this weekend I have picked Liverpool to win, sorry, however good luck to Everton anyway since this is your team. As for the Grand National, I’m not into the horses myself but good luck with that too, if I remember correctly didn’t you do well in the Grand National last year . Good luck to your wife in fixing that letter box, sounds difficult to me! By the way Everton toffees are yummy, haven’t had one for years. Cheryl:-)

Hi marty i’m also an Everton supporter i have every faith in them to win.


Hi Marty,

I know nothing about footie but my other half says you are far the better team, so good luck.

P.S. He supports Fulham.

Janet x

Go Toffee-men! Go Toffee-men! Go Toffee-men!

(My heart belongs to Goodison. When I was a kid I wanted to be a toffee-lady at the match but I never had the chance - one of the girls at my school was and I was sooooooo jealous Do they still have them at home matches?)

We’re forever. Everton