The Grand National tomorrow


Well it’s the Grand National tomorrow. I don’t tend to bet but hey, once a year on the big one like the rest of the country. I’ll have a flutter. I don’t study form etc. But I try and relate something to the horse’s name. I thought I have MS is there anything there with a name like: Double Vision or Foot Drop? Or my very own favourite Sleepless Nights?

The only horse I found was Caught By Surprise. Yup I have bladder issues so I might plum for that.

Anyone having a go?


I will be having a bet.

Love going to the races and the racecourses I have been to have been very disabled friendly.

Good luck to you and anyone else who has bet.


I usually have a go - ever since I won a couple of hundred pounds, years ago, on my very first try. I was so clueless I’d had to ask a fellow punter how to fill in my betting slip. Beginner’s luck indeed!

Needless to say, I’ve never managed to repeat it since. I’m lucky if I pick one that finishes at all.


Go for number 18 just a feeling

I suppose if there was a horse called Foot Drop it would more than likely fall at the first fence …Ahem…