My Granson The Gambler

Hi All,

I was picking my horses for the national and asked the grandson to pick one.

He picked a horse out that had a star on its silks[he loves stars].

It only goes and win £1 each way he got £40 for it and he is only two and a half.

My horses all fell.Will takes his tips from now on.

He picked the lotto numbers for tonght so fingers crossed.

Any one else win.

Take Care.


Hi Chris…I had Neptune too £2 E/W at 40-1…£104…happy days…and Liverpool F.C. won too…it was nice to have a good day for a change!



At my daughters wedding we had one of those fun casinos where the guests could play roulette and black jack. The fake money was added up at the end of the night and the winner got a bottle of champagne. The winner? The seven year old bridesmaid!


Well done to your grandson and good luck with the lottery. Now can your grandson do anything for that football team of yours. They’re hovering very close to the relegation zone! Cheryl:-)

We had a very exciting day yesterday to- My best friends son in law to be was the jockey on the winner of the GN- Daryl Jacob.

She rearly drinks but was crying I LOVE YOU down the phone at me by 5.30 yesterday

Look out for a Jockey called Lee Drowne in the future- he is one very talented young man. If you listen carefully im sure they re still partying

That`s great Chris.

I didnt bet on the race, but our 3 person syndicate won a tenner on lotto. it wont change me…i`ll still be here to nag everyone!

luv Pollx

Hi All,

I am still here so no lotto win,always next week.

Guid, well done to you and your team,sadly my team got beat today,Celtic we where robbed.

Jane, hoped you had a lovely day,the bridsmaid should have raffled the champagne.

Cheryl, you are right,as the man from Dads Army says weer doomed,even worse my other team got beat to,celtic.

Your team is not save yet,so who will have the last laugh,glad you enjoyed your couple of days in London.

BC, Daryl Jacob good jocky,will keep my eye open for Lee Drowne.

Pollx, think you have to many vices as it is,and we would miss your nagging too.[in a nice way]

Tell hubby not to be to hard on himself 3 or 4 a day is not bad,i am like him hate the decoration but not always easy for me to go outside.

Always the Scotish national next week,will let my grandson pick for me.

Take Care All.


Hi again Chris I’m glad your still here, I like you on here, and you are from Kirkcaldy after all, lol, so glad you didn’t win then, lol. Very good idea to let your grandson pick for you next weekend too, he seems to know what he is doing, even if you don’t! As for the football, don’t rub it in, Aberdeen didn’t even put up a fight yesterday, at least Cetic tried( although I’m glad they lost, sorry). Cheryl:-)