I won £10 on the lottery...

Don’t worry. I won’t let it change my life. I will still be the same person.

(no begging letters please… and if you wish to contact me please do so through my agent)

Pat x

It may be one of the last times you’ll be able to do so, Pat.

I gather they’re changing it some time this year, so the price per line rises to £2, but the fixed prize for “match 3” will be £25. I usually have two lines, on a Saturday only, but if they think I’m still having two lines, once they’ve doubled the price, they’ve got another think coming. My better judgment tells me it’s a waste of money as it is, but no way am I wasting twice as much!

I think, on average, I’ve won £10 about once in every couple of years - but that’s with two lines. If I only did one line at the higher price, I suppose I could look forward to winning £25 about once in every four years. :frowning:

Premium bonds have better odds, and you never lose your stake (except to the ravages of inflation), but it’s a pity they don’t let you buy in units under £100 any more.


Hi Pat, yippee…so is it drinks all round then? LOL.

Now back in 1998, I came up with 5 numbers and won £2,293 and then 3 months later, got another 5 and won £1,080. I treated the family and enjoyed the win. I bought hubby a classic car…Hillman Minx 1960.

He restored it and took our daughter to her wedding in it.

I`m with Tina on doing less lines when the price goes up.

Enjoy your win.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat

Snap! can’t remember the last time we had £10. so will make

the most of this win.

Pam x

Seems like I used to win £10 quite often when we first had the lottery… but this is the first £10 I’ve won in years!!! I once won about £80 but never as much as Poll !!!

I only do one line on a Saturday. I do it over the internet & this is the first time I’ve won with an internet ticket.

Bit of a disappointment really as you get an email saying they have news about your ticket… you open that and then it says you’ve won some money & to click on another link (by this time of course I’m already a millionaire in my head!)…

… and then you log into the site and only then do they tell you you’ve won £10… so naturally reaction is IS THAT ALL!!!

Not sure if I’ll buy the £2 a line… but on other hand it gives you the ‘dream’… and my dream is to come off benefits!!! That would do… really that’s all I want (and to pay off my son’s mortgage if I had enough).

Very cold & wet in London…

Keep warm & cosy,

Pat x

Whoopee Pat - don’t spend it all at once! My late grandmother won about £2,000 on the lottery, the year it started. I was pregnant with my eldest son and she bought me a lovely abc rug for his bedroom. I’m afraid I have never won a penny. I never ever win anything. I have never won anything in a raffle at the boys’ schools or that type of thing. I guess I’m naturally unlucky! Teresa xx

I’ve always thought of you are a winner, M

Ah Pat, this so made me smile Hopefully I’ll post a similar message when I win the Euromillions tonight

I’m not sending my begging letter to you Pat! I’m sending it to Poll with all those wins on the lottery.

I have a ticket on Wed and Sat and Friday euro. So £4 a week but when the price goes up i will stop doing the Wed so i am still only spending my £4!

I won £2.70 once on the euro(lol!). I’m like the other Teresa - never had much luck!