i won the lottery!

ok-only for 10 seconds til i realised my error. i have never felt my heart thumping like that before!

as some of u know have struggled for past 3 months so i set up doing my lottery online to make life eaier.

last night i couldnt check the lines i had put on and the winning line at same time. so i wrote (i use the term loosley!) the winning line down and went back to check my own numbers.

got that one. and next,and next-omg-i have them all,inc the 2 lucky stars!

how muddled up is my brain?! i dont have a rational explaination for my mix up but just for 10seconds my life changed…

i scratch cards occassionally-son brought me them-and i have won £33 for sure-its now safely in my purse.

should i get a line for tonight?!

ellie x

Congratulations Ellie…well almost!

I think we should both get a line - better to have some hope than none at all!

Mags xx

Don’t worry that you’ll miss the week you’ve won zillions.

They send you an email to the email address you gave when you registered. You miss the suspense of watching the numbers come out and checking to see if you have them, but it’s a fail-safe!

I buy my tickets online. Queing up is too much for me, never mind the filling in the form bit! Just to make it easy for you to give them all your money you can set up a direct debit. Or lose it more slowly playing the other ‘games’ online.

I have inherited some of my Grandma’s ‘gamling is evil’, ‘drinking is evil’, ‘everything fun is evil’ attitude to life. I drink, gamble and all the usual stuff, but feel guilty and think I’m going to be an alcoholic gambler by next week.

Must go now, I’m off to get a little drinkie and buy a lottery ticket. :slight_smile:

Good luck hun! xx

My ex once played a similar trick on me. I used to collect the pools for pick up on Thursday evening from people. His work did a syndicate. I never took a lot of notice of their numbers as someone there would keep their checking sheet. However my ex gave me their checking sheet a few days after Saturday saying nobody had checked, could I do it for them and let him know via phone.

HEY BINGO, THEY GOT 24 POINTS…Like you my heart missed a beat, I must have jumped around like a looney, rang him and told him the good news - to find it was a joke.

But…get this, a week later, in went their syndicated numbers, they did win on 23 points, and one guy at work had never won a sausage and was in debt - he died the following day so didnt get any monies, we gave it to his sister. The poor man was ailing, sad and despondent, then for one day he was so uplifted. I still hope now it wasnt the shock which killed him!

Keep playing, cos if your not in it, youll not win.



I won a tenner once and on collection my son told the cashier, my mums won the lottery, then looked at me and said, when are we buying a yacht! If only!

And there was me thinking my little buddy was loaded, oh well never mind, your still worth your weight in gold.

Another thing…having you as a friend makes us the richest people around, the cake is on us.

Love you my little pocket rocket!


*wipes away tears. i cope better when u r chheky than nice!!!

ellie x

Oh shame it was mistake. A friend of mine recently won £2,000 on scratch card! She’s about to go on holiday to Turkey.

I buy a lottery ticket every week and never even win a tenner!

Pat x

hi pat

my neighbours won enough to pay off their house! this is actually a lucky corner as the neighbours either side of me and myself regularly win something.

but i would end up giving most of it away if it was big win-money cant buy my happiness. i say that because in my working day when i was married with 2 foreign hols a year, 2 cars and just spent what i wanted i was miserable. now i am skint but am happy within myself-you cant ‘buy’ that-its something u have to feel

ellie x

Oh i always put these numbers on, 5, 8, 13, 18, 23 and 33 and seem to win £10 the most, but one day i decided to change numbers, i was gutted, i watched the lottery and boom all the numbers above came up i was well unhappy as i cuda been a million air :frowning: xx

Kylie - that reminds me of when my mum filled in her slip but never got to the newsagent to get the ticket. The numbers came up and the ticket was sat on the table! Groan!!

Ellie - just wanted to ask you if you are any better now? last time i read one of your posts you had been pretty poorly! ((hugs)) I’ve been on holiday so forgive me if i’ve missed posts.

Hope you are much better now?

Best wishes

Teresa. x

hi theresa

am still struggling with weak right side and speech problems-just takes time eh?

thanks for asking

u doing ok?

ellie x

Hi Ellie

I’ve been struggling for a few months with some strange symptoms but i see the neuro soon so will get some help. Thats why i keep coming on here at the moment - the only people who understand! and the only people who don’t think i’m a nutcase!

Had speech probs myself this year for the first time - just for about 4 weeks. So strange to be slurring words and not be able to get my words out. Hubby said it was a nice change for me to be quiet!

Hope you start to see an improvement soon.

Teresa. x