3 Numbers

Matched 3 numbers on last nights Lotto - and collected the princely sum of £90 (was expecting £30!)

Not wanting to sound gloomy but I can’t remember the last time I had a bit of luck or something unexpectedly good happened

  • Of course we’re not exactly blessed with good luck having got m.s. but are we generally an unlucky lot??


I don’t understand the lottery. Have no idea of the prizes, I had an online National Lottery account for a short while, got addicted to instant wins immediately; spent about £100 on them. Then banned myself, closed the account and gave up.

Personally I’m quite unlucky I suspect, quite apart from having MS.

Except in my choice of OH. He’s a priceless diamond. I got very lucky there.


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Great result. A win is a win and must be celebrated llongyfarchiadau (according to Google)

Nice one


Diolch - Mogace - Thanks. I have a £10 bet with odds of 100/1 for the following three football clubs to get promotion Newport Charlton and Aston Villa. Put this on about 4 weeks ago and thanks to successful penalty shoot-outs all three clubs are in their respective play off final. If Newport win I may consider ‘selling’ my bet. p.s. I was brought up as a Calvinistic Methodist (Welsh) - they don’t approve of betting (or alcohol)

Being methodically galvanised does not sound much fun