another rollover

I see tonight we have another Rollover on Lotto.

They do happen a lot, don`t they?

Probably `cos less folk play it.

Has anyone ever won on more than 4 numbers?

12 years ago, I got 5 numbers…£2,293

3 months later…5 numbers again…£1,080

Had 4 numbers…£65

Had many £10s

So all I want now is 5 plus the bonus.

I`m not greedy for the big one.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

anything would be great!

You have been lucky.

I got 3 numbers the other week and the bonus ball - thought that will be about 50 quid.

I was wrong! i won a tenner!! lol!!

Better luck next time eh?

I AM greedy - I’m waiting for the big one!!

Teresa. x

Hi teresa, me and my 2 PAs recently started a syndicate and won £10 the second week. I`ll still be emplying them!

luv Pollx

Most i have won on lottery has been £10. LOL My brother-in-law got 5 numbers and won £2,000- I thought it would be more for 5 numbers.

I did win a holiday in the Caribbean though from Richard and Judy phone competition a few years ago. It was fab,all inclusive, so I guess I have had my share of luck.


PS Do you use the same numbers each time? If so they are lucky for you Poll

Aww I wish I would win some. I do it every week, and I have won £10 in a year…not even enough to break even lol. I just keep thinking maybe I am going to get the big one ( wishful thinking ) Perhaps you could rub my username Poll and pass some f that luck along! Xx

You must keep playing, cos You gotta be in it to win it!`

luv Pollx

Hi, both times i got 5 numbers were with lucky dips!

I have regular nos using birthdays, like most folk.

The new syndicate…we picked nos out of a hat. So they`ll be the same every week now.

luv Pollx